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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Hemaphrodite phoenix

From children's BBC TV Newsround programme:

Last Updated: Wednesday March 18 2009 13:03 GMT

It's not everyday you get to meet a future king of the United Kingdom, but Press Packers Alice and Oscar have done just that.

The pair were invited to Prince William's home, Clarence House, where they quizzed him about all sorts of stuff, including his charity work, what he'd do if he were invisible for a day and how he got his own Harry Potter scar.

Prince William is the president of the Royal Marsden Hospital, which treats children who have cancer and where both Alice, 10, and Oscar, 12, have been patients.

When Alice asked him why, the prince said his mum had been closely involved with the hospital when she was alive and he wanted to follow in her footsteps by doing what he could to help.

After chatting about the campaign, Alice asked the prince about an operation he'd had when he was nine, which he said left him with a "Harry Potter scar" on his forehead.

"I call it that because it glows sometimes and some people notice it - other times they don't notice it at all," he said.



Skinjob prime said...

I chuckled at the old ad you postet at the end^^

Newspaceman said...

I found it pretty apt Skinjob - "everything" will be gone/is going, but have no fear Harry Potter William will be there to "save us" at the end.


VegasAnomaly said...

Greetings from the desert in the States. I have been reading your blog for a bit now, and just wanted to let you know how much it has assisted in my new journey. Your blog gives me a different view simply because of your location. Thanks well, J

aferrismoon said...

Houses of Parliament - full o' Brown Sauce.
Keep the Bit between yer kich.
I see Mr Good[I]win got his house fouled or fouled up. That'll push up his insurance premiums



Newspaceman said...

Thanks J, much appreciated.

AFM, cheers, I dont think Fred pays for anything, even now his security is provided by the RBOS.

Blavatsky, mmm, see my forthcoming long post.

cheers again to you both