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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Traversing the rats-gate with Archibald Pelago

The rats are in an awful stew
When Archibald Pelago comes into view

21st December 2012, the end of the Mayan calender, perhaps an opening of a stargate, a fresh era for mankind when he shall somehow manifest into a new, potentially spiritual and consciousness awoken age of Aquarius type of creature, although, unfortunately, no one seems to know for sure exactly but many make money (or attempt to do) from the very possibility of this event.

As a humble rodent catcher, I have little knowledge of these matters nor the inclination to further connect with my chakras, strange as that may seem to some. I am also sceptical of characters such as Ian Crane for example, who spoke on Red Ice radio last week, telling of his abilities as an otherworld medium, receiving messages to mankind from a mysterious shamanical entity - yet telling how he would soon be offering a handy pocket size book detailing the events to come in late 2012. Excuse the pun but I smell a rat, a brown one,
Rattus norvegicus seems very close.

Synchromystic, freemasonic chequerboard resonating ferret ?

And another coming perchance; but first, how to catch a live verminous beastie with your bare hands:

Nets are essential, made from ladies stockings and bent wire coat hangers, ensure no holes, rats have an ability to get out tight situations.

Find a suitable sized burrow, four or five entrances is best for novices. Tie up the Jack Russell terriers securely and net each hole. Put in a ferret in one of the holes and stand back. The rats should explode into the nets, you need to be fast. Use your feet to trap the creature and then snatch it up out the net by the tail. This requires some practice and you need to be lightening fast but don't worry, a rat cannot climb it's own tail like a mouse. Please worry about being bitten though, many rats carry
Weils disease like what killed my Grandad. Anyhow, you now have a live rat to do with as you wish.

Yesterday in the news we heard of JK Rowling, winning the prestigious Edinburgh award ( the same Edinburgh that Ian Crane mentioned in the context of a donkey ride from London) for her occult festooned Harry Potter series, a title she inherits from Rebus writing freemason Ian Rankin, a man discussed briefly in newspaceman's post from 10th August, all-very-mysterious, the post concerning Rankin's public meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the Edinburgh Book Festival

And today, Rowling again, this time giving a million pound donation to the Labour Party on the eve of their annual conference, we read from the BBC:

Her donation will boost Gordon Brown as he tries to calm unrest among party members at Labour's annual conference.

Archibald Pelago seriously suggests that readers begin quantifying realities - or you too may end up going backwards and resonating rats.


Coming up very soon - the esoteric possibility of Mr. Crane's suggestion of a donkey ride from London to Edinburgh - plus a lot more.

Rowling award win

Rowling gives million


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