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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Archibald Pelago - The hot blood method

Now it may be that your Jack Russell terrier pup seems reluctant to kill a rat at first; perhaps seeing it more as a plaything. Here, courtesy Archibald Pelago, is a sure-fire method (named the hot blood) to encourage the killing mechanism within the dog.

Take out the puppy with a team of older, trained dogs. Tie up the puppy close to a rat burrow, no need for nets in this instance - live rats are not our target. Put the ferret down the hole, again as previously the rats will explode from holes and the dogs will delight in slaughtering them. In the meantime, the restrained pup will have worked itself up into a state of hysterics at which time it should be released and allowed to worry a rodent. It is likely that the pup will be severely bitten however, in it's frenzy, it will ignore the pain and simply savage the rat.

Job finnished (sic).


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