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Monday, 15 September 2008

Dollars to doughnuts

Just before I go, a beautiful numerical synchronicity concerning today's turmoil in the global financial markets.

America's Dow Jones index on Friday showed the following:

Value at close: 11421.99, a fall of 11.72, or o.1%

If we add all the digits of the dollars at close value , i.e 1+1+4+2+1, we obtain 9.

Thus, leaving the cents we have 999, the UK emergency telephone number

And the drop in value - 11.72

Add the cents and leave the dollars this time, the 7 and the 2 equals 9, i.e. 119, 911, the US emergency code, backwards.



jimbo said...

Wow, good stuff. Check the US markets at close, will ya?

Michael said...

That's great. My local coffee stand offers 25 cents off a cup if you can answer their trivia question of the day, and yesterday's question: "what is the UK emergency number?" I think this coffee stand is run by the Illuminati.

ETM said...

keep going Newspaceman!

Dynamitrios said...

Nice one^^

If it wouldn´t be so sinister, it would make for quite some good comedy

Newspaceman said...

Thanks to all.
Michael, everything is or soon will be.