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Friday, 12 September 2008

Keeping an eye on the ball

Yesterday, 11/9 or 9/11, saw a trilogy of soccer football stories to keep us dribbling down the yellow brick road to Olympic XXX London 2012; dribbling along towards the birth of a new golden age for those who empower us - all under the guise of a collective pursuit of advancement for the human species - a new age state-controlled "oneness" which appears to disregard the individual in it's competitive, ultra-striving, Apprentice style agenda.

The first tale, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, sympathising with supporters of the United Kingdom's national teams after the World Cup qualifying games were only broadcast live on a pay-as-you-view channel called Setanta, no deal being agreed between it and our "free channels", BBC and ITN. The BBC story is here.

The second, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, who spoke of his fears that money has taken over the game, comments apparently prompted by the fact that Brazilian international Robinho, when giving a press conference after signing a multi million pound deal with Manchester City, appeared to be under the impression that he signed for another club, namely Chelsea. As we read from the BBC:

The Brazil international had appeared set to move to Stamford Bridge until City hijacked the deal at the last minute. And Robinho appeared to have been as confused as anyone when he mistakenly referred to his new club as Chelsea in a news conference shortly after signing for City. Wenger said: "What is worrying for me is that a player signs somewhere and then the next day he does not even know where he has signed. You cannot say that is a good trend.

The third, and therefore the hat trick in soccer football parlance, was basically pure nonsense, but still somehow made BBC headline news (make up your own minds as to why), the banner read - Royal mix-up over lager delivery - the story of how a brewery delivery lorry driver carrying 12 barrels of lager (1056 pints, 33 x 32 ) to a public house called the The Windsor Castle mistakenly attempted to deliver the cargo to the Queen's residence and was turned away, eventually reaching the correct destination some three hours later, but still (thankfully) in time for England's football match against Croatia.

2012, you smell it ?


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