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Thursday, 19 June 2014


In my recent From Templar to Garter posting, I highlighted actor Brian Cox's appearance at Rosslyn Chapel with the Queen's Commonweath baton, alongside the investiture of two fresh Knights into the Order of the Garter:

"Apparently the name Brian has connotations with kings and exalted/high/noble, whilst his surname guides us in the direction of coxswain, someone who steers a vessel."

Later on that day, around the time of the Queen's "investing", another Brian had the dubious honour of carrying the baton. A Brian Christie. Unfortunately, after Brian returned the baton to it's holder on top of a podium, it appeared to fall out of it's own accord. The BBC (where the video can be found) say "as more people took to the stage, it is thought the movement caused the baton to fall".  (here)

Note that the location was the Scottish Mining Museum in Newtongrange; in Scotland mines are known as pits, as in "going down the pit". One wonders if perhaps a guiding hand is showing us exactly the legacy we leave for our children to inherit.

Meanwhile, I think I have said before although perhaps not here, that if the movie Braveheart is shown close to the independence referendum, then that should certainly swing a few minds. I remember when the original movie came out and teams of young men deserted their local public houses for the day, requisitioning a vehicle and decanting to the Highlands for a spot of "Bravehearting" as it was then known.  

Today's Daily Record tells of how Braveheart is getting a "special 20th anniversary relaunch on DVD and Blu Ray next week" whilst it's sister Sunday publication is giving away a free poster this weekend to mark the 20 years since Mel Gibson started his cameras rolling.

Today's Daily Record also tells of how a campaign group named Republic are holding a meeting to discuss getting rid of the monarchy in the event of independence. A couple of quotes follow :

“These protesters have always been, and will remain, a small faction very much on the fringes of society.”

"An SNP spokesman said last night: “An independent Scotland will retain the Queen as head of state.”

DiCaprio signals his allegiences with Clint

Also on the subject of Braveheart, from last week's BBC,  we read that on the set of the movie Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio used to stand and roar "freedom" in the style of Mel Gibson. Whilst we know what happened to the Titanic, although I don't think black magick and alchemy were involved in that particular senario.

No. 1111 issued 22/2/2010

Whilst on the subject of DiCaprio, it is worth noting once again his "anti-authority" Godfather, Robbie the Pict. Robbie was the man who after conviction and short jail time for drugs offences, allegedly managed to receive a royal pardon via the dubious Malcolm Rifkind. Robbie then had some days in court, alleging freemasonic influences, although it got him nowhere. Robbie then hooked up with Professor Robert Black in regards to Lockerbie, the 2112 bombing (numbers which appear with alarming regularity), and a miscarriage of justice in regards to Megrahi. From wiki re Robert Black:
Eastwood's "Dirty Harry" badge

"According to an article appearing on the Sunday Times, Black was retained by Megrahi's legal team to provide advice on Scots law. The total amount of such retainer is unknown, but includes $1.5 million which as of 2007 remain unpaid (some of which appears to be for political services allegedly performed by Lord Trefgarne. It appears that such retainer existed at the time of the aforementioned comments by Black on Megrahi's conviction. It is unknown whether Black's commercial relationship with Megrahi was known at the time."

Robbie the Pict, Prof Hans Koechler and a very cheery Robert Black
 See Bridge Building for more on the topic, although let's just say like "independence", things are not what they seem.


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