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Friday, 20 June 2014

Bravehearting (2)

Just following on from yesterday's post regarding the movie Braveheart, the 20th anniversary of the camera's rolling, and the effect on the Scottish psyche. From today's Daily Record, an interview with Mel Gibson :

The film boosted pride and confidence in Scotland, reinstated Wallace as a Scottish hero, incorporated Braveheart as part of our language, used by politicians and as a way to describe valiant sportsman and heroic deeds...

There may have been doubters but Gibson sensed how much the film would come to mean to Scotland when he screened it at Stirling Castle in September 1995...

 He said: “I’ve never seen anything like it. Thousands and thousands of people lining the street. I couldn’t believe it...

“I didn’t know there were that many people in Scotland. It was like this moment people had been waiting for in their DNA...

“It was phenomenal. I’d never seen anything like it and I doubt I will again.”

 You only have to shout “Freedom” to a Scot and the blood will stir...

It’s latest release on Monday for the 20th anniversary of the start of filming on DVD and Blu-ray will see old fans and a new generation snap it up all over again.

It wasn’t just in Scotland that the story was loved. Stories have since come out of Iraqis watching Braveheart in cellars while they were being bombed and Chinese watching it to inspire courage...

 Gibson revealed: “If I wanted to change anything in the film, it was the whole scene with English nobles who were trying to dial in a deal before they had to slug it out. I thought afterward that he should have just ridden up to the guy and killed him right there and said, ‘Let’s go’. That would have got everyone going nuts.”

Meanwhile, last night another man went "nuts"; Mark McConville from Glasgow brandishing a Saltire in the Uruguay end at the World Cup game with England. From the Telegraph :

One opposition supporter said: "That Scottish boy in the Uruguay end with the ginger jimmy wig on, Scotland strip and his flag has been immortalised up there with [William] Wallace. 

Note that I am not suggesting that Mark is a brother at the lodge and is well aware of the actualities of Scottish independence in terms of alchemical magick - breaking down the parts (countries) into base so that they can be reconstituted into something else - in this case a global United Kingdom.  It is likely that only those at the very top of the pyramid are aware of the reality.



aferrismoon said...

If Scotland becomes independant but retains the monarchy , would that be an oxymoron?

I note Spain relinquished their 'crown' [ in the footie] and the next day they crown a new king,
Phoenix style.

In Elizabeth I and James I/VI the Spanish were the enemy. Now Frank and Betty are mates. I searched for Francis and Elizabeth and the top hit was 'Sir Francis Walsingham' - EI's top spy.

Along with fan in the Uruguay end , Suarez scored the 2 goals, and he has been targeted by the English media a fair bit.


hirundine said...

It seems all regions of U.K. will be split up? The regions first became dominated by the Norman invasion and consequent descendants. The Angevins. Bribery and coercion won most of it over. Yes there were some invasions and wars. Mostly the carrot was dangled and backed by the stick. Most were willing to sell-out their peasants.

For we are ruled by criminals. Who actually think they "own" land. Handed down to their heirs. Thus ensuring the family's inheritance. Criminality is the way it is enforced. Using religion and laws, to back it up.

Split up? Divide and conquer? I think we both know the ordinary Scots, will never see their country's riches. Nor any other part of U.K. It will go straight into the hands of City of London.