Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Sunday 7 July 2013

Parallel lines

Today, 7/7, Scotland's Andy Murray, after dying last year in the same event, won lawn tennis' Wimbledon. The crowd were in an ecstatic frenzy.

He was the first British player to do so for 77 years - since Fred Perry.
One sees the "leaf symbol", everywhere
Andy was at Dunblane primary school when Thomas Hamilton struck. He mentioned it very recently, it's brought up today in the mail on line.

Andy got some "advice" from ex Red Devils (Manchester United) manager, Alex Ferguson, again very recently, He's keeping it secret, and calling it "gold dust". BBC

 Some people believe that some of the alleged terrorist incidents that occur, and we can include Dunblane in that, are black magick rituals; blood sacrifices. London's 7/7 may fit the bill too.

Thomas Hamilton, the alleged perpetrator of the Dunblane massacre, was a freemason. Some suggest he used his connections to his advantage. Some suggest too, that his connections used him to their advantage.

Back last year, I noticed a string of coincidences pertaining to wine, Andy Murray, a ram's headed Lady Gaga, Lady Diana, Kate 'n Wills,  Alex Ferguson and Sean Connery. I suggested it might be some type of occult Dionysus worship. Some say there are strong parallels in the mythology between Dionysus and Christ. (Wine, woman, and song)

"Dying God" Dionysus was a god, of  "of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness and ecstasy in Greek mythology."

Here in Scotland, recreational drug users have been warned to stay clear of a green "ecstasy" tablet, stamped with a Rolex crown. There  have been at least six deaths so far, maybe more. (BBC News)

Bogus ecstacy. Nothing to do with top image
Football casuals' urban myths state that back in the late-eighties, when football hooliganism undertook a mammoth revival, the authorities/powers that be - Margaret Thatcher was always a prominent name - turned a blind eye to ecstasy use, indeed maybe even propagated it - as the drug mellowed out the previously violent youth, who were considered a risk to society itself.

Jimmy Savile meets a Womble (of Wimbledon Common). Jimmy had a house in Glencoe, location of the MacDonald (blood sacrifice) massacre for William of Orange. Alternately, Jimmy poses with a womble so he can get closer to younger children.


Note - Wombles were the pioneer recyclers. 


Unknown said...

"turned a blind eye to ecstasy use, indeed maybe even propagated it"

i could believe it. ecstasy being illegal is something i've been trying to wrap my head around for years. i don't buy for one second that police are naive on where people use it, and how much it goes on.

before, when i wasn't tuned into wondering about the new world order etc, i suspected there was an unspoken agreement between the police and club/event organizers where ecstasy use is typically rife. the agreement being, people are going to get their hands on it and use it one way or another, so it's better to let it happen where they /know/ it's going on and in a safe venue.

but since i got a little more spiritually aware, i'd agree with what you suggest. if it wasn't for the ecstasy and dance culture that goes with it, TPTB would have to work that bit harder to keep millions complacent.

as long as folk have the weekend to look forward to, things are "alright"

bit like what you were touching on with Glastonbury last week?

Anonymous said...

I've had ROlex on my mind of late, they sponsor the Grand Prix which is rich in Illuminated symbolism and cyphers.

Anonymous said...

Fred Perry logo - Laurel wreath, consisting of 2 branches off; Twin Kings ?
Each branch has 15 leaves.....15 steps led from the Jewish women's court to the Brazen Gate and the inner court where the temple and altar stood.

Green (Rolex) crown - green man/king ??
Death of a green thing ? (football team ?)....Savile-O'Brien ??

Lady Gaga - ram's head.....the ram was the totem animal of the jewish tribe of Gad (one of the Twins). Dan(ny bhoy ?) being t'other Twin.


Anonymous said...

Andy Murray said: "We knew the guy (Hamilton). He had been in my mum's car. It's obviously weird to think you had a murderer in your car, sitting next to your mum."

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Interestingly July 7th marks the end of Oak month in the Celtic Calendar.

Is the Fred Perry logo in fact a depiction of the Oak King, a combination of leaves in the shape of horns? Although ostensibly it’s suppose to be a laurel wreath ... which in itself was based on the original symbol for Wimbledon!

Anonymous said...

Getting near commenter No. 5 - oak king.

However, the FP logo with it's two branches represent The Twin Kings - The Oak King and The Holly King.

The FP logo shows the dominance of the male(s) with scant regard for the third person (trinity ?), the female (apart from the 15 leaves on each branch). Thus an acknowledgement but with an absence of the true story. Absence of the female leaves it open for never-ending strife between the duelling Kings.


Newspaceman said...

Thanks to all, will respond tomo.


Newspaceman said...

Hiya Clarence (& others), sorry for delay in responding. Aye, it's all part of the same framwork, bread and circus, just like Glastonbury and T in the Park.

Icenirising, thanks, apppreciated.

Aangirfan, yes, most weird.

Anon 2, thanks very much for your contributions, appreciated as always.

Anon - cheers

Many thanks to all.