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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Dennis & Gnasher

Union Jack faced Mel
Falkirk is a small town in Scotland, with around 35,000 inhabitants. 

22nd July was the alleged date of birth of Royal baby George, "Breivik's" Norwegian rampage, and the birthday of  Slip Away 2 boat located, alleged Boston bomber, Tsarnaev.

Way back in 1298, on 22/7, the Scottish army, under the leadership of Braveheart, William Wallace, were heavily defeated at the Battle of Falkirk by English forces. Wallace then resigned his position, to be replaced by Robert the Bruce, who, allegedly, received handers from the Knight's Templar at infamous Bannockburn. Not much is known about Wallace, although many myths appear to have birthed at the Royal Court of James 4th, via the tongue of an entertainer called Blind Harry.

Today, the media is full of a story regarding Scotland and the monarchy - post potential independence. The Scottish National Party - led by Alex Salmond - propose that the monarchy is kept, should independence be agreed, democratically, by referendum of the people. Indeed, Alex often joins Her Majesty at her ritual summer holiday in Balmoral.
Window Boxing

 However, Scottish Independence campaigner, chairman of the Yes Scotland contingent, Dennis Canavan , has today spoken out re the keeping of the monarchy should Yes prevail, stating that there should be another referendum on this specific issue, if Scotland "allegedly" "cuts her chains". BBC

Turncoat ?
Dennis used to be an Independent Member of the Scottish Parliament for Falkirk West.

When Dennis removed himself from office, he was replaced by Eric Joyce, who has been the Member of Parliament for Falkirk since 2005.

"Hard-man", Eric Joyce, is ex military.  He has recently become embroiled in a few scandals - schoolgirls, fighting, and drinking. He has served as chair of the National Fabian Society. He has resigned from the Labour Party - but still acts as a Member of Parliament, and thus collects the "wages". (wiki)

Fabian Society - wolf in sheep's clothing
Joyce's forthcoming vacant seat has aroused much interest and controversy, via trade unions and the Labour Party. The police were apparently called in to investigate.

Pharmakos Joyce, with police; shades of Animal Farm



Osiris said...

Falkirk has another interesting claim to fame as a UFO hotspot.

The Falkirk Triangle -

Anonymous said...

NSM, kinda strugglin' to see your point it the emergence of a new leader to bring to victory (as per Wallace followed by Bruce) ?

Dennis Canavan was also MP for Falkirk for years before becoming an independent MSP for Falkirk West.
Turncoat - well he's Labour and well educated for that route.


Newspaceman said...

Hiya Osiris, it's apparently Bonnybridge thats allegedly the centre of the "triangle", but, in terms of ufo activity and alleged abductions one should maybe cast one's net wider - Robert Taylor (Dechmont Law) and the A70 abduction are two that spring to mind.

Anon2, my understanding is that little is factually known of Wallace. Mythomorph, on side bar, notes of how the "hermetic" position, re Bruce and Bannockburn :

I was sort of alluding to the "Wallace" - Canavan, "Joyce" - Bruce, slender assocation, given Joyce's military/establishment past.

Basically, they are all in cahoots, and Canavan is up to his eyes in it ?


My p

Anonymous said...


The stone of destiny was held in Bonnybridge for a time during it's meanderings from the Abbey in London.
The owner of Rollo industries had it placed under a flagstone in his office in (High) Bonnybridge when the police came to interview him....the police were at one point standing on top of the very stone itself.


Newspaceman said...

Anon 2, thanks very much for the fresh to me info, appreciated.

I had a google @ Rollo, their HQ is St. Andrew's works, their (modern) contact, a Mr McBeth. I note too that John Rollo kept the stone hidden for some thirteen weeks.