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Wednesday 10 July 2013

Destiny's Child

Kay, with uncomfortable looking "pillow stone", "subliminal" 7 to lower left, and "chessboard background"

In the last post I noted a potential Andy Murray, the number 7, Dunblane massacre, blood sacrifice, Wimbledon, Rolex, dodgy killer-ecstasy, Dionysus connection.

Following on from that, today's BBC reports that another "ecstasy" death has occurred in Scotland, in Alexandria, bringing the total to 7.

On Monday past, the BBC reported that Kay Matheson had passed away. Kay was one of the "gang of four" who returned the Stone of Destiny to Scotland in 1950, after "stealing" it from Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day - indeed she played a pivotal role, driving alone with the stone through police road blocks. No date is provided for Kay's demise at the age of 84, however one can assume it was over the past weekend. It's unlikely she had been dabbling in the killer "green rolexes"; "the crowns".

The Stone of Destiny, after it's return to Scotland, was missing for a few months before, on the 101st day of the year 1951, being left at Arbroath Abbey. The 101st day of the year is the 11th of April. The Stone was returned to Westminster, however it was officially returned to Scotland on St Andrew's Day 1996, the handover at Edinburgh Castle performed by Prince Andrew.

Lord of the Thistle holder ( the announcement of his "honour" made on St. Andrew's Day), Lord Cullen, presided over the Dunblane enquiry (sic). He allegedly received a letter, from an un-named person, dated 11th April 1996 which stated : 

"It is in the public interest that Lord Cullen be asked if he is a Freemason, given the widely held view by the public that Thomas Hamilton's Masonic affiliation was probably the reason that the Ombudsman overturned an earlier decision by Central Regional Council in 1983 to prevent Hamilton from running youth clubs, and that his Masonic affiliation probably facilitated his application for a gun licence."
The letter-writer said anyone involved in the inquiry who turned out to be a Freemason should be forced to resign - and that included Lord Cullen.
The letter went on: "It is far too important to allow the Masonic implication to be whitewashed by furtive operations in the Freemasons, intent only in 'diverting a discourse' - a Masonic ruse - from the involvement of Freemasons and Freemasonry."

Lord Cullen apparently responded to this verbally, stating ""taken aback by the letter" and "not a Freemason, never has been". The Scotsman (Ref 1-1099013)

From the Independent dated 12th April 1996: "The Dunblane primary school gym where Thomas Hamilton massacred 16 children and their teacher was demolished yesterday. No more than a pile of rubble remains on the spot"

On 11th April 1689, William of Orange and his House of Stuart wife, Mary, had their coronation. A couple of years later saw the Glencoe massacre, the MacDonalds being executed on the grounds that they had not been quick enough in pledging allegiance to the new "joint monarchs". Jimmy Savile dug Glencoe.

A movie was made about the "theft" of the Stone of Destiny. It premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, on 21st June 2008.

Fountainbridge is not that big. It links Gorgie (famous for Heart of Midlothian - see recent posts) and Tollcross. It's claim to fame is that Sean Connery spent his boyhood there.

Rose button-holed "Big Tam and Eck" peruse the Royal Mile
"Living Legend", Sean Connery, was a participant at the "symbolic  Stone of Destiny cake cutting" at Edinburgh Castle, two days after the premier. Scottish "First Minister", Alex Salmond, was there too, amongst few. (The Scotsman)

Cameron, colour-coordinated ?
Sean was also a participant in the Red Devils (Manchester United), Alex Ferguson, wine quaffing at the end of last year with Andy Murray's mum Judy (here). Sean has been a supporter of Andy for years. 

77 -A date with destiny
After Murray won Wimbledon, Alex Salmond courted controversy by producing a large Saltire (St. Andrews' Cross - X) flag, then brandishing it on TV behind David Cameron's head.  

Dave met Andy outside number 10 in front of the cameras. The Roman 10 is an X. In above and between their curious handshake, the lion watched. Some say the lion, the number 10, and the X are symbolic of something else, something ancient. (See Tsarion in sidebar)

 Binary Brothers ?
The 21st June, as in the premier of the Stone of Destiny movie, is, generally, the longest (sunniest) day of the year: the Druid-beloved Summer solstice. It is Prince William's birthday, which, incidentally, featured a partial eclipse. He met Kate at St. Andrew's. Kate went to a "St. Andrew's school". William got his (RAF) wings on an 11th April. 

It must be close to time for Wills' role-X, crowned on the Stone of Destiny first, then the globe awaits. Andy, and his worship, are pioneering, something the Scots are good at.


wiki - Stone of Scone.

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aferrismoon said...

Dalek is sourced from SErbian 'daleko' meaning 'further'


aferrismoon said...

The Navy semaphore flag 'M' is the saltire - it also means ' My vessel is stopped & making no way through the water'


John Cole said...

I would expect big things from PW when he turns "33".

Newspaceman said...

Moon many thanks.

John, that seems about right,


Dean Potter said...

Hi Spaceman,
Check out the Scoreboard behind Murray's "ECSTATIC" pose....
ROLEX CROWNS and sponorship.

Anonymous said...

In druidry: Muin (Vine) is the tenth month 'X' (roman numeral)

The tenth month taking place during the month of September (9/11....US style)

The vine has to be forged onto another.......

Mbracht is it's colour (Variegated)


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