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Wednesday 15 May 2013

Rites of passage

Masonic Scottish Rite symbol
First things first, I have revamped my last post a little - it appeared to contradict itself slightly - and also taken the opportunity to change the title.

Anyhow, in the same spirit of colonisation as noted therein, it appears that none other than top astronaut, Chris Hadfield, yesterday briefly visited Prestwick Airport, Scotland, on his return to Canada, after splashing down in Kazakhstan earlier in the day. Remember that Scotland has done a lot of colonising, not always on a voluntary basis. (BBC News)

My thoughts on space-colonisation have been expressed before; it seems that once the New World Order is completed here, on home-base Earth, "our" goal, maybe light years ahead, is to infinity and beyond, setting up space stations and building domes on any suitable planets. Hopefully too there will be inhospitable aliens, hell bent on terrorism, for us to fight and thus watch proceedings on TV. If not, well the elite can make them up.

Chris is obviously not the first VIP  to come to Prestwick, nor the last, however it is interesting to note probably the most famous of all, Elvis - The King - Presley, who briefly visited on 3/3/1960 just after finishing his military service. It was, allegedly, his only visit to the United Kingdom.  There is no record of whether he attended Mother Lodge 0 of freemasonry,  Kilwinning, just a few miles away. Note the date 3/3.

Jimmy Savile has met Elvis. From here , Jimmy's own words :

"I remember my first meeting with Elvis, when I presented him with his first British-earned Gold Disc for 'It's Now Or Never' in the winter of 1960, while he was filming 'Wild In The Country' in Hollywood.I actually didn't have an appointment or even an address when I arrived in LA with that framed disc under my arm. I just had a scrap of paper with a phone number of the Elvis Presley office in Paramount Studios, so I dialled the number and someone answered. 'I'v just popped over from England with this Gold record for Elvis', I said"

Jimmy turned up half an hour late for the meeting, at 3.30.

A brotherly handshake / squaring the golden circle ?


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