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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The "Kaffir-Key" ?

Ebola hit the UK yesterday, specifically Glasgow.

Apparently a nurse, Pauline Cafferkey, has contracted the virus after helping out in Sierra Leone.

She flew back to Scotland via Casablanca and London.

Originally she was, somehow, being treated at Gartnavel Royal Hospital before being moved in a military operation to London's Royal Free Hospital. I say "somehow" because Gartnavel is a "mental health facility", originally a lunatic asylum for the "batty",  with a fairly dubious recent track record in patient care. Maybe "loonies" are, theoretically,  more dispensable.

Pauline hails from Blantyre, as did the famous "explorer" and missionary, David Livingstone. It does not have much else going for it.

The masonic lodge in Blantyre is named after David. It was "Chartered" on 5/2/1877. I don't usually add up digits, but it possibly alludes to 777, given freemasons love their numbers. (Lodge Livingstone)

Today's newspapers are claiming that of the 70 passengers on the flight from London, 63 have been "contacted". That leaves 7 out of 70, a fair cop of 7's.
And another, from 31/1/14
The archives of David Livingston are maintained by the Archives of the University of Glasgow. Wikipedia notes how his field diary, together with other original works, were published online on 11th November 2011. That's a canny bag of 11's.

Bob Geldof announced his plans for an "Ebola band aid" on 11 11.

The image up top comes from the mail on line of this morning. I have my doubts it is the same  Pauline and it has since been removed. However it is, potentially,  reminiscent of someone else charitable.

That someone has hit the headlines this week. Firstly because of a play currently being staged in London which apparently alludes to the premise that Prince Charles is not Prince Harry's father, rather it is James Hewitt. The Telegraph

Whilst secondly, a BBC Panorama programme - Reinventing the Royals - concerning Prince Charles in the aftermath of his wife's death to be shown this weekend, has been shelved, apparently after "pressure". BBC News

Di's flowers - The Queen was in Balmoral when she got the result
It could be that "hero nurse" Pauline is a bit "batty", as allegedly she removed her PPE "alien" protective uniform on Christmas Day to attend a Christmas service, thus contracting the disease. (The Telegraph)

On Christmas Day, in her ritual speech, the Queen broached Ebola.

On Christmas Day, at their annual gathering, Prince Harry was pictured with an Oriental girl who clutched a "royal" and "military" related spoof Batman phone cover. (Natural Born Killers)

Today's BBC claims that Ebola was first contracted by a two year old boy called Emile, playing in a bat-ridden hollow tree. 

Please remember that the Glasgow refuse truck incident from last week began at Royal Exchange, ending at Queen Street train station. Note too that Glasgow Council's environmental department, who oversee waste collections, are based at the R.E. (Mirrors)


Note my post title is not intended to be racist.


Anonymous said...

I got a cold for Christmas. Something is in the air...

aferrismoon said...

I notice there's another possible case in Cornwall.

"It is generally accepted the name is not from Gaelic, as at the time of its formation this area was a Welsh settlement. It is probably from the Welsh 'Glas', and 'cu' or 'gu'; translates as 'Beloved Green Place' and is referring to the spot where Kentigern met Columba thus Kentigern becoming the Patron Saint of Glasgow."

"The Corn- part comes from the hypothesised original tribal name of the Celtic people who had lived here since the Iron Age, the Cornovii. The second element -wall derives from the Old English w(e)alh, meaning a "foreigner" or "Welshman"

It appears that both are linked to Wales/Cymru
Anyhow 'foreigners'
Harry's real dad

Among other things Kafir can mean 'pitch, tar' as was applied to Noah's Ark


Newspaceman said...

Anon - many thanks. A hot toddy may do you wonders.

Moon, there was another in Scotland, somehow she was staying at a youth hostel.

They dressed her in a Guantanamo Bay
onesie, but apparently she is clear.