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Thursday, 18 December 2014

From Sydney to St. Andrews

I touched on some possible synchronicities surrounding the Sydney Cafe siege in That's Entertainment.

I recently noted Prince William and Kate's fund raising dinner for St. Andrew's University in the Egyptian Temple of Dendur here, weaving it in with the secretive freemasons and their alleged objective to create a "perfect" society.

Lindt Dragon, courtesy Twilight Language

Earlier this week the Daily Record reported that Katrina Dawson, who was tragically shot in the Sydney siege, is the daughter of Sandy Dawson who recently completed a year as captain of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrew's (R&A).

She is not related to Peter Dawson, the chief executive of the R&A.

The surname Dawson is interesting :

It has more than fifteen entries in the Dictionary of National Biography, and no less than twenty-two coats of arms, and is a patronymic form of the medieval male given name Daw. This is a nickname form of David, adopted from the Hebrew male given name Dodavehu meaning "beloved of Jehovah". This name was borne by the greatest of the early Kings of Israel, and led to its popularity, first among the Jews, and later among the Christians.

Royal Standard of Scotland

There is no doubt that the 'Speculative Freemasons' played a key role in the formation of the golf clubs. Until 1789, the Royal Blackheath GC was open only to Freemasons and for a generation afterwards there was a clique of Masons called the Knuckle Club who played out-of-season on Blackheath to avoid the non-mason members...
The main reason that the members of early golf clubs were Freemasons was because, in the century after 1717, virtually all middle class men of ability in Scotland were Freemasons from senior law officers to skilled artisans as well as poets and writers

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