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Friday 26 December 2014

Natural Born Killers

Keep calm and call Batman, noted the little Oriental girl
Back on 20th July 2012, ginger James "Joker" Holmes, born 13/12, allegedly carried out his Aurora "Batman" rampage.

It rang bells here, given that the very same day Dame Kelly Holmes gratefully received the Olympic torch at the Tower of London from Royal Marine, Martin Williams. From Holmes is where the heart is :
Lord Coe, Chairman of the Games, noted that the Tower was a fitting point for the flame to enter London because "it is where the power and the significance of the Monarch resides".

The time of the "transaction" was 20.12 BST.

I touched on the numerals 2 and 1 in my last post related to the Glasgow refuse truck incident; albeit I do ponder over them often.

Yesterday, Christmas Day, saw the royals ritually attend Sandringham.

"Joker", Prince Harry, was in fine form according to the mail on line.

The "Batman" image up top is from their article.

It is 888 days between the twin Holmes events and yesterday (here)

Apparently, the number 888 carries some weight symbolically, with some claiming it relates to Jesus. Chinese people, in particular, are drawn to the digits, believing them to be lucky.

It is reported that the Queen's speech yesterday drew attention to the now dismantled  ceramic flower-poppy display in the moat of the Tower of London, the last poppy being planted on 11/11 (The jokes on).  The flowers, from date of first planting to the date of commencement of clearance, were in the moat for 119 days. James Holmes vehicle registration number was 119 ROC. Her Majesty also drew attention to the Ebola outbreak, something which Bob Geldof and his daughter Pixie have been deeply involved in. Bob notified us of his intention to  revamp Band Aid on 11/11.

mind blowing mushrooms
On 13th December I told how magic mushrooms had been found in the Queen's gardens, after a discovery by gardening expert, Alan Titchmarsh. The TV programme showing the events was on last night for the first time. The date of the media headlines advertising this was 13 days prior - 12/12.

In my related post - here - I noted some "coincidences" related to both the story and the "little people", concluding it with reference to the football club Glasgow Rangers, who play in red white and blue.

Yesterday's mail on line also tells how Harry "took a shining" to a terrier dog called named Pixie.

Harry and Pixie
The movie, The Shining, made an appearance in the comment section here earlier this month when it was noted that "Brother", Man Haron Moris, of  Lindt chocolate cafe seige fame, was earlier reported to have planned to send 237 baskets of flowers to British families who had lost "loved ones" in Afghanistan.

mind blowing movie



Deckard666 said...

Well there are no coincidences. Thank you for the torch hint. That's what I was missing yesterday. Had the same idea with the 888 days. The solution is in the Symbolism - Batman means "No guns/no killing". Perfect symbol for a UN Arms Trade Treaty which went into effect December 24th on 2014 - soon to be implemented into local law in your neighborhood. [Even "Bruce Wayne" is a "withold technology that could be utilized as a weapon by one of 7 billion people" guy]

While the "2012 Aurora Shooting" enacts Rev 14:20 ... Kelly Holmes and the torch serve to enact Rev 14:18.



Newspaceman said...

Many thanks Deckard. There's an old original Batman from 1966, I think it's the episode direstly before The Bloody Tower, or perhaps one after, where Batman specifically mentions the Stone of Destiny and it's "supreme power", or words to that effect.

I will have a better look at your site later this week.

Note I have added a wee bit to this post about the poppies, 119 days, and Holmes' vehicle registration number


... said...

Hi there, and Happy New Year!

I knew there was something to all of this, this week! Don't forget she also mentioned Game of Thrones... Not sure who covered that sync but the fact that she mentioned her visit to the film set at all in the speech made me wonder about the symbolism going on right now, and the Millennium Hotel garbage truck crash being right around the corner from Queen Street (or something)...

I better put the Port down now...

aferrismoon said...

Isn't or wasn't there a Millenium Hotel at the World Trade Centre site, apparently designed to look like the Monolith in Kubrick's film.


Anon said...

Amazing connections!

- Aangirfan

Unknown said...


Millenium Hilton. It was heavily damaged, closed for a year or so, then re-opened after repairs.

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Marie, hopefully the port has been down before being picked up again tomorrow.

Thanks Aangirfan, Moon and Paddy.