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Friday, 28 February 2014

Stage managed ?

The letters CK (3/11{= 3.666666r}) are shadowed by Salmond, to occultly combine with Ju.

We touched on the Battle of Bannockburn, the Knight's Templar, and the Hermetic - as above, so below "view", just last month in the post, In the right place, at the right time :

Could the widely reported event have been orchestrated to serve a double purpose—one prayer for the moment, one hidden for posterity?

As noted therein, the new Bannockburn vistor centre is due to open on 1/3/14.

Today though, Scottish First, would be Prime, Minister, Alex Salmond, got a sneak preview and described the place "as the birthplace of modern Scotland". (BBC News)

Here @ newspaceman, we believe the old adage that history is written by the victors and, as such, believe that, despite others' misgivings, the Knight's Templar were involved to some degree. We believe too, that the privacy seeking Templars spawned freemasonry and it's - together with for example the unfortunate Highland Clearance refugees - colonisation of the globe. Thus Salmond could, perhaps, describe Bannockburn as the birthplace of (alleged) modern, democratic, enlightened Western society.

Potentially reinforced by another of Mr. Salmond's comments whilst attending the exclusive event:

"If the battle did not in itself win the war, it certainly did prevent defeat and six years later inspired the Declaration of Arbroath, to become known as Scotland's Declaration of Independence."

America's subsequent "Declaration" was based on Scotland's.

Americans celebrate their "independence" on 4th July.

This year on 4th July, Alex Salmond's friend, HM Queen, who he allegedly bonds with over a mutual passion for horse racing, is due to officially name the  Royal Navy's new state-of-the-art aircraft carrier at Rosyth, in Scotland. BBC News

Last year, on 3rd July, HM Queen opened Sir Walter Scott's old abode, Abbotsford House, near Melrose. It opened to the public the next day. Walter, a freemason,  was the author who "invented" tartan, and "romanticised" Scotland. (Dreaming between the lines) At the time of HM's visit, the chief executive of the Abbotsford Trust noted, re Scott :

"I think sometimes we forget here the massive impact that he had on the world."

According to legend, the heart of the Scottish top-boy @ Bannockburn, Robert the Bruce, is located in Melrose.

Melrose lies on the alleged "Da Vinci code" Roseline (Hocus Pocus)

There's a monument in Edinburgh for Walter. It's fairly phallic and lies in between Princes Street and Edinburgh Castle. It's built with sandstone from Binny Quarry, in West Lothian, some twenty miles away. The name of smallish Binny "is said to have come from a peasant, William Binnock, who was granted an estate by Robert the Bruce. This reward was for Binnock's brave deed of re-capturing the Castle of Linlithgow from the English in 1313, Binny House and lands are thought to be the remains of that estate.". It's close to the Balmoral Hotel, where Rowling seemingly completed "her" Harry Potter series. (

The same source notes the Knight's Templar gravestones in the nearby graveyard. (The churchyard)

Alex Salmond was born in Linlithgow.

Half way there

A couple of years ago, it was discovered that a multitude of corpses of inmates at the near to Binny, Bangor Hospital, for people with mental health problems, had been buried in the same churchyard, without any dignity. (same source)

Occultists believe that everything - animate or otherwise, has it's own peculiar energy. Practicioners of magic will surround themselves with herbs, scents, flowers, animals, stones and suchlike, if they pertain to the object of their desires. Everything is interconnected, as in Hermeticism. One can, perhaps, add, or even take, from such energies, if one has the knowhow, the key. That is the crux.

Aleister Crowley wrote, in his  Liber 777

Especially the Americans, grossly and crapulously ignorant as they are of the rudiments of human language, seize like mongrel curs upon the putrid bones of their decaying monkey-jabber, and gnaw and tear them with fierce growls and howls.

Some might suggest that America and it's agents "run" the Western world.

Some might forget their source.

Others may recall that Crowley utilised Boleskin House at Loch Ness as the base for his magickal experiments, and that current "occultists" utilise it as their Kiblah.

Most would do well to remember that all magick is based on ritual.

The alleged Stone of Destiny, the sandstone Jacob's pillow stone, today lingers close to Walter Scott's monument. For a brief period, it resided at independence-famed Arbroath Abbey. 

I'll virtually close with a "photoshop", from today's mail on line. His left hand speaks volumes.



Unknown said...

America and it's agents "run" the Western world, and most of the rest of the world.

- Aangirfan

Newspaceman said...

Not indispute with that Aangifan.

But who runs them - and who "runs" the freemasons, as without doubt they are, and always have been, inbedded within the roots of American Society. Look at the founding fathers.

Have a look at Kim Kashardian at the Austrian shingdig this week, it in the mail on line. Note her Templar cross dress - for example.

America is a mongrel state, on which the New Wold Order will be based. But that is why is was founded all those years ago.