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Friday, 6 May 2011

The Barnum Effect

Coldplay: "And it was all yellow"

Last July brought you, The Braveheart Enigma, a post detailing the synchronised demise of three legendary Bravehearts: footballer and ex Scotland captain, Colin Henry; boxing promoter Barry Hughes; and the original himself, Mel Gibson, all blended together via freemasonry, William Wallace, a new Zion and a sliced sausage based delicacy - in order to illuminate the terrible destiny of collective mankind whilst exposing the myth of "freedom".

Earlier this year I again touched on the Braveheart post in conjunction with Barry Hughes, this time in relationship to the double eleven, 11 11, enigma, in particular concerning events on this year's 11th February and their relationship to Prince William .(Forever blowing doubles).

Today, we saw the Scottish National Party, rejoicing in the news that they have triumphed in yesterday's UK elections and will, for the first time, form Scotland's first ever majority Government.(BBC News).

Today too, saw the Scottish Sun carry a story on Barry Hughes, this time a positive one as he celebrated the birth of his fourth child, Madison. Also in today's Sun was the news that Mel Gibson is no longer accused of punching his ex girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. (here and here)

Barry apparently named his baby girl after Madison Square Garden in New York, given the boxing connection, a connection which seems reinforced given the Gibson story notwithstanding the ring within the square analogy of the braveheart haggis centred square sausage. Madison Square Garden is, like Barry's offspring, on it's fourth incarnation, an incarnation which opened on another 11th February, back in 1968.

It's first incarnation was as a railway station 'till, in 1871, P.T Barnum opened an arena which he christened "Great Roman Hippodrome". Barnum was a showman, like Barry, and is widely remembered for both his hoaxes and his circus. Bear that in mind when thinking about Scottish Independence, for we have to box clever here.

"Just skin and bone"

For another birthing process is underway at present, and soon will see the emergence of a New World Order, a new empire, a golden age, something it is intended we will all be as one under. It will have a King, a saviour, an eye-con. The King will be ritualistically crowned here in independent Scotland first - on the Stone of Destiny, bogus or not. From there a global, reborn United Kingdom beckons.

"turn into something beautiful"

Note- Oz creator Baum (see last post) well admired Barnum.
wiki - Barnum Effect.


aferrismoon said...

BA-rn-UM's use of an old railway sta. + his circus -

"to facilitate the "game," it is inordinately concerned with railroads and railroad personnel to the extent that outside of lawyers and circus performers, no other vocation has a higher percentage of Masons than railroad workers."

Salmond will now act as conductor, I've seen his chubby smile, a man whose time has come.

Alexander the Great

After the previous weeks 'sectarianism' Scotland has now been unified.

"Wi' one half Tim and one half Hun
Together now we are one nation
But our fitbals not so sweet
Now that we kick wi' both feet'

Billy Pope fi' Procurator Physical


aferrismoon said...

His landmark game is his 666th, wasn't aware that was a landmark number for appearances.

King Kenny!


Newspaceman said...

Cheers Moon. Madison Sq was once a "potters field" - a place for "indigent/unknown" people.

Yeah the sectarianism got sorted, but spewed out in Kelvinside.

King Kenny - well, Sir Kenny, from the Sun, 28th April :

666, I'm 99.9% sure.