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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Antiques Roadshow ?

"Injected with a poison!
There's a rainbow inside the mind"

We spotted Merovingian Di's Wills on 22/3, fraternising with "da youth", via BBC TV's Newsround.

Last Tuesday was, da opposite side of da spectrum, as Wills met a very old granny, in an almost unannounced, yet media followed, apollo-guise-ing fashion, about his own grandmother's lack of dresses in respect of the centenarians tributary card. From,
Prince apologies to 109 year old, we note :

A 109-year-old woman wrote to the Queen to complain about the birthday cards she received and Prince William turned up by surprise to apologise

Catherine Masters from Oxfordshire wrote to say the Queen was wearing the same outfit in each of the five congratulatory cards she had received.

The Prince visited Ms Masters at her nursing home and said his grandmother would change her outfit this year.


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