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Monday, 18 May 2009

The Predator

We have touched on the connotations between competitive sport and the New Global Order in many previous posts here at newspaceman, and today we saw the forthcoming Rex mundi, Prince William, give a statement in his current capacity as President of the Football Association as to why the 2018 Soccer World Cup should be held in England.

The link to the ultra professional youtube style presentation is available
here, albeit unfortunately I have no sound to enable me to comment further - although I visually dig the Prince - he's so cool, he's so fine.

By the time 2018 rolls in, one can scarcely bring oneself to imagine what the new global world will be like, maybe with dozens of cloned young would-be-Wills, clip on ties discarded, safely playing soccer with gayful abandon under the all seeing eye of the omnipresent live google earth CCTV link, whilst their slipper clad parents, delinquent of reality, savour their offspring's prowess from the comfort of their own armchairs.


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