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Friday, 20 May 2016

A Vicious Circle ?

A stooshie has erupted in Scotland.

Muirfield Golf Club members have voted not to admit women members as was the case previously. It was a close tie. Due to this, the club have been banned from holding the open. Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, described the situation as "indefensible". British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is also critical.

What jumped out at me was the report of a letter which was distributed to club members shortly before the vote, a letter which the "no camp" are claiming was pivotal in it's success. Apparently, the letter was composed and signed by 33 club members. (The Telegraph)

33 is an important number to freemasons. One may be of the opinion that freemasonry and golf are linked in some manner other than both being Scottish rooted. Freemasons don't allow woman in either, however no one seems to be mentioning that despite their obvious influence within society.

Pressure is being placed on the golf course to reconsider, move out the dark ages, perhaps have another vote. Perhaps that was always the intention.

I am all for equality however my opinion is that there is a more nefarious agenda behind it. Nowadays, the majority of families have two working parents. The government appear to welcome this and offer discounted childcare and suchlike to help financially. Many children don't see their parents that much. Schools are encouraged to provide breakfast clubs and suchlike to facilitate working parents. Most working parents spend a large proportion of their earnings on mortgages which, to all extents and purposes, is most often interest on the monies borrowed being repaid to the lender. These children will grow up believing it is the norm, which it is, and more than likely behave in the same manner with their children. Thus a nefarious agenda is at play; a vicious circle.



Anonymous said...

Modern families: producing disassociation ? Less kinship.....where and with what do children then substitute the missing part.
A ready made solution available ?


Newspaceman said...

The way I see it is that children are as you say, becoming disassociated from their parents. Early bonds are often with nursery and suchlike. It wont be long before the youth are blaming their seniors for the mess of the world.It won't be long before euthenasia is encouraged, after all who want's to be a drain on resources. The worker slave is the idea - colonisation of outer space somehow the target for collective humanity.