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Tuesday 6 October 2015

Water closets

When I write regarding mysterious Uri Geller, it's usually regarding his purchase of Scotland's Lamb Island and/or his fascination with the digits eleven eleven and their occult meaning.

Uri allegedly bought The Lamb due to it's "mythology" concerning an Egyptian Princess, Scota,(rumoured to be legendary King Tutankhamen's half-sister and carrying the Stone of Destiny)  who lent her name to Scotland. Apparently, Uri believes there is treasure stashed on the island and he undertook a  single visit some years ago to locate such, a visit which was fruitless.  However, he left a crystal orb there, which once belonged to Albert Einstein, in order to enhance the mystical powers he believes the place contains.

Today we read that Uri is returning to Israel to help with humanitarian projects of some description. To mark his long stay in the U.K., he arranged for a blood-red spoon shaped statue to be erected in his home town of Sonning (originally Sunning) - "The village is spiritual, it’s an incredible centre of energy with the river" - just across the road from George Clooney's new abode. The opening ceremony was this morning, around 20 hardy residents attending the unveiling to see Uri bend a golf club with the power of his mind which, as luck would have it, fell into the hands of  charity fundraiser, Neetinder Boparai, who happened to be passing as she undertakes training to climb Scotland's highest mountain, Ben Nevis, just next week. I wonder if she will take the club with her, maybe even stop off at keen mountaineer and occultist, "Aleister Crowley's", energy infested Loch Ness.

The news report also advises that Uri alleges that Tayor Swift is interested in buying his old home; I leave you with a couple of numerically-tainted images.


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