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Friday, 23 October 2015

Craft Work

"My darling boy, you won’t last long in this world if you don’t know how to spot a witch when you see one." - From Dahl's, The Witches, as promoted in the billboard above. Image from earlier today, Kate glowing in a Christopher Kane coat.
In my post from yesterday - Magickal numbers and the return of Marilyn Manson - I noted the strange, numerical "magick" surrounding the Police Scotland helicopter crash at Glasgow's Clutha Bar almost two years ago, Marilyn Manson, the Glasgow refuse truck incident and the zombie movie World War Z.

As noted, the report into the Clutha was officially released today, some 693 days after. It leaves more questions than it solves. Some of the relatives of the deceased were advised of the content a couple of days ago, on the 21st.

Back to the future
"Coincidentally", Prince William, himself a helicopter pilot, is up here in Scotland today with Kate, in Dundee. They are meeting with a mental health charity at the Corner, visiting the cast of In Her Shadows at the Dundee Repertory Theatre as well as enjoying a trip on the RRS Discovery, the ship used by Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton for their exploration of the Antartic beginning 1901.

Apparently, writer Arthur C. Clarke named the the Discovery 1 spacecraft in his book and conjunctionally produced movie, directed by Stanley Kubrick, 2001: A Space Odyssey, after the vessel. 

There are many theories swirling around the meanings of 2001 : A Space Odyssey. Too many to list. The basic premise of the film appears to be the future though, and the past, whilst many believe it also refers to the occult worship of the planet Saturn, a theme which is apparently constant in Kubrik's movies.

Awaiting capstone ?


aferrismoon said...

2001 film was brought out before the alleged moon-landings, to prepare people for the idea of walking on the moon, as if it's a 'given' that humans could walk and work there.

Space - craft!


Anonymous said...

thanks so much, love you posts

Anonymous said...

The 1992 debut album by Boston indie rock band Come is called "11:11" and has a song on it called "William".

Coincidental, maybe.

Newspaceman said...

I had a look on wiki, thanks, interesting, perhaps co-incidental but they allegedly say they chose the name because when they were recording the album, 11.11 was always on the clock. I would scoff at that but have the same "problem" sometimes, during the night @ a different time. It's moved up "their" charts too, from 6 to 2 on their album re-issue. Curious how they were inspired too as it appears from wiki they only released one single - Fast Piss Blues - from the album, on 20/11/92.

Hvae you seen the image of the indie band Muse lead- singer, with MKUltra written on his palm ?



Anonymous said...

You're welcome. I've seen the Matt Bellamy image and am not sure what Muse are up to.
There were a couple of incidents in Scotland recently which seemed surreal to me:
the East Lothian, Cockensie Power Station had a public demolition of two towers which seemed like a mass ritual of some kind.
And the Bailey Gwynne killing in Cults Academy, Aberdeen seems strange as well.

Sabine Vlaming said...

Dear Newspaceman,

Please consider reading this blog post on Forthtell

This previous post may interest you as well


Anonymous said...

Think about the possibility of William having a double/clone

Another oddity, the Queen and William fading away in live footage

Extrapolating.....If we're dealing with cloning here, a/the double may at some future time be sacrificed and the 'original' (to be) indwelled taking his place. It may seem he's 'risen' from the dead as well.

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Anon @17.55 - I'm not sure about Muse either, given their involvement with the Olympic Relay. I can see where you are coming from with the surreal incidents. There was a further tower destruction in Glasgow (Red Road) the next week.

Sabine, thanks, I have had a look at the first, it's very good, will check the other later and add to my links. It might be the weekend though before I can fix it out.

Anon, the thought has now entered my mind, thanks. I will keep an eye on it.


Anonymous said...

And the "special one" Jose Mourinho is suffering after 11 years and 11 games into the current season.
It's a bit 1111 isn't it?
Do you think the whole Chelsea thing is a ritualistic sacrifice similar to Glasgow Rangers?
The whole thing seems scripted.

Newspaceman said...

Being honest, I don't really follow football too much nowadays. It does seem a bit 1111. Curiously, I often have radio 2 in the background and, as I went past the radio just after "approving" your comment, I heard that Mourinho knows what "is" causing his club the problem, but cannot discuss it.

My thought, as a potential madman, is that Rangers, who are somewhat affiliated with Chelse, were ("masonically") sacrificed - then resurrected. The matter still goes on, pharmakos Craig White, in court last week, a " delectable" dolly bird on his arm. One wonders if he "bought her time", so to speak: one can imagine the rage that emanates from Rangers supporters at the images.

It may well happen, in a similar pattern, with Chelsea ?