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Tuesday 29 September 2015


I wrote last week regarding the, surely out of character, post eleven eleven arson attack on the Prestonfield House Hotel by Lord Watson of Invergowrie.

Today's Daily Record carries a story of a very similar manner; senior anti-terror policeman, Hugh Bleakley is accused of three assaults, including one on a police officer, together with using threatening and abusive behaviour and of resisting the police, whilst at a function at Bonnybridge Social Club earlier this year. Like Lord Watson, one wonders what possessed him if the allegations prove true.

The date of the alleged incident was the night of 21st-22nd February, whilst the trial date has been scheduled for 21/10/2015.

The Romans were drawn to Bonnybridge.

Aliens too, allegedly like Bonnybridge. It is known as the hotspot of the Falkirk triangle.

Having said that, UFO does not necessarily equal alien, just unidentified. Perhaps something else is drawn to the area, for whatever reason.

When the alleged Stone of Destiny (Jacob's Pillow Stone) was repatriated from Westminster on Christmas Day 1950, it was hidden at various locations before being left at Arbroath Abbey on 11th April 1950. This equates to a 108 day period. 108 is an important number to many faiths, including Jewish.

One of the locations was Bonnybridge, where it allegedly resided for 13 weeks.

It was the 22nd of February 2010 when we saw a dark haired Prince William appear on the front page of issue 1111 of Hello Magazine (see sidebar). The digits 1111, or eleven eleven, carry some kudos in occult and New Age philosophy. The image was taken by the charity Crisis' Jeff Hubbard. The image up top is the lead image on his facebook page. Pig is a name sometimes applied to the police.

Pig masks have been hot this week after the initiation allegations made against David Cameron, the images below are from the attack on the Cereal Killer cafe in London by Class War.



Anonymous said...

108 is the number of beads on a bhuddist rosary chain.

The SoD was held in John (?) Rollo's office in High Bonnybridge........under a flagstone upon which, seemingly, a police officer stood upon when questioning Mr Rollo [as told in a BBC broadcast many years ago]


Newspaceman said...

Many thanks Anon2, it was indeed your good self who supplied me with the Bonnybridge info some years back.