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Wednesday 22 July 2015


Last December we saw the Glasgow refuse truck incident, a matter which appeared to be somewhat connected with the movie World War Z; not just because a very similar scene had been filmed at the same location in the same city, but rather because it was exactly 1221 days from the film recording. The digits 1221 and patterns of such appear to pop up magickally in, let's say, occult circles.  


Today is 22nd July, a date which crops up frequently in occult circles too - perhaps because it relates to Pythagoras (22/7). It's exactly 212 days since the Glasgow "incident" and the legal Fatal Accident Enquiry into events began today.

From the Daily Record's Glasgow "bin lorry" Fatal Accident Enquiry - Latest Updates @2.30pm:

Matthew Telford, a member of the lorry crew, is first to take the stand. 

"Recalling the moment he realised something was wrong, Telford says: "I felt the vehicle slightly veer to the left, I would say at about Tam Shepherd's joke shop.

William helps the sheep Zeig Heil
"I turned to Mr Clarke, and I said to him, 'what are you doing Harry?' and that point he slumped to the left, closer to me. No response. ". "For a very brief moment I thought he was having a carry on because it didn't seem right to me."

Tam Shepherd's Joke and Trick Shop is located at 33 Queen Street. The left hand "path" speaks for itself whilst Tam is the coloquial, shortened, form of Thomas, which itself derives from "twin".


WildCatScot said...

July 22nd was also "Prince" George's Birthday

Newspaceman said...

Hiya, many thanks. It's also one of the "Boston" Tsarnaev brothers alleged birthday and the date chosen by "Knights Templar" Breivik for "his" rampage.


Anonymous said...

Two doors before is Lilith and Damien the strange woman's outfitters complete with Devils pitchfork in the sign. Three doors after we have Osiris the woman's goth shop complete with Osiris emblem on sign.

Did you notice the "Heil" sign on the lorry? This is Heil environmental industry's not hell or Heil as in Heil hitler.

Newspaceman said...

Many thanks for the info. I may try and write a longer post shortly re the matter. I note that the driver of the lorry gave "evidence" on day 22 of proceedings and that this week it was reported he is too ill to attend a meeting regarding the alleged fabrications to his prior health statements. I will get back to posting shortly, just rather busy and demotivated given recent events.


Anonymous said...

The driver looks like a ghoul not a human. He looked completely nonplussed by the proceedings unlike his workmates who looked visibly still shocked. maybe some dark spell..

Newspaceman said...

Almost like a zombie, recalling the numerical and geographical link to the movie World War Z. Note how the media leapt on Harry's "refusal" to say sorry in court, whilst neglecting to point out that if he had done such in a court, this would be law-speak for a total admission of guilt. cheers