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Friday, 10 July 2015

Figuring out Nazis and Jews c2015 -

Last week saw an interesting article in the Daily Record concerning "Nazi" flags which have been erected in Northern Ireland just shortly before the "Glorious 12th", it's marches and  reverence to  William of Orange and the Protestant "religion". The image is above, apparently the flag is in juxtaposition with paramilitary flags, the Union (jack) flag and an "American" confederate flag; the latter being almost simultaneously removed from locations in the USA given the Dylan Roof business.

Curiously, sometimes the Star of David is flown by the same "groups" as indeed it is by the English Defence League, an organisation allegedly against immigration and Islamisation who's ex-leader and founder, "Tommy Robinson", has previously met up with American, Pamela Geller, and her Zionist crew. 

It appears difficult to make sense of.

Back in 2014, the BBC reported on, The day the entire German fleet surrendered, taking us back to 10 days after eleven eleven 1918 Armistice Day and telling how Operation ZZ saw the climax of the "battle for the seas", the German fleet escorted into Scotland's Firth of Forth estuary. On 22/11/18, the war would be ended. 22/11 is a date worth musing over.

Last week saw another article appear in the Daily Record concerning the "surrender" of 33 "Nazi" U-boats in 1945, this time on the west coast of Scotland, precisely Loch Eriboll  . A historian, David Hird, is "updating" his book on the matter over the next few months, though from the article we glean that a top Nazi with "extreme right wing views", Fregattenkapitan Ottoheinrich Junker, demanded that he be taken to London on the Flying Scotsman as the capitulation (surrender of the U-boats) was a ruse to enable Germany and the Allies to jointly wage war on Russia. It appears that Junker was misled, one can imagine he acted, and obeyed, on order. The article's last sentence states: "Eventually, 121 of the 154 surrendered subs were scuttled in deep water off Lisahally, Northern Ireland, or Loch Ryan, Wigtownshire, in late 1945 and early 1946". 121 is 11x11, 154-121=33.

Is that a shadow in the window ?
Remember that 4 years prior to the Junker tale, Hitler's right hand man, Hess, was "captured" here in Scotland after allegedly flying from Germany "to reach the Duke of Hamilton, who he believed had sufficient political clout to help him negotiate peace with the United Kingdom." ...

..."Mr McVicar said less than an hour later, people started to gather at the Busby HQ of the Home Guard - now Busby Masonic Lodge - because they had heard Hess was being brought there" BBC

Scotland is the "home/root" of (current) freemasonry and it's magical rituals.

Last Sunday saw Kate 'n Wills christen adorable baby Charlotte, after her transportation in an old-school pram. "Crowds" gathered, well-wishers clutching flowers were lucky with the weather. Adorable toddler George was attired in white with a red thread;  a similar style to that of his Dad, back in 1984 with his virgin visit to little brother Harry.

During the week, Testino's images of the event were released. Diana dug Testino.

During the London Olympic opening ceremony, the one with the terrified children and the futuristic techno-subserviant outlook, many of the performers opted for a "red thread" thing. Or maybe it was just me ?

Hey Jude ? ?
Whilst one of the "Monkeys" opted for an "Orangeman's" sash ?


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aferrismoon said...

A Mr. Mussolini said that ' Fascism is Corporatism', while the central tenet of fascism is ' Private Enterprise linked to a centralised government'.

A fair few entities travel under those definitions these days.