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Monday, 29 September 2014

Pussies Galore ?

Back in the 16th century, Niccolo Machiavelli wrote The Prince.

A couple of weeks ago Scotland held her independence referendum after Royal Assent was given on 7th August 2013, over a year prior to the event. We allegedly voted to stay as part of the Union, under the Crown. The ballot paper carried one question : Should Scotland be an independent country ?

Things were fairly quiet on the ground to begin with, some car stickers, some media coverage, but little much really up until Spring this year when we saw the action heat up. There were two camps, the YESers and the NOs - the Better Togethers - the latter fronted by a politician named Alistair Darling, himself once the United Kingdom's Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Here, I am afraid to admit, I made a mistake. The propaganda being proffered up by the BT group and  the UK government led me to believe that they covertly wished for independence. Given my "occult" leanings, I thought that they wished it as part of a grand alchemical and magickal ritual - to take "things" back to base before forming the gold. Then, Scotland would be the root of the forthcoming New World Order, the blueprint so to speak, for the other countries to follow.

Although, on reflection and forward thinking, maybe I was not too far off the mark.

As Scotland's temperature rose, so did the canvassing. Substantial donations were given to both sides. Advice from celebrities, many not Scottish, some not human, became ubiquitous.

Then we had all eyes on the Commonwealth Games, talk was of a truce on the matter in hand.

At the beginning of August, televised debates stirred and shook matters. Salmond lost the first but won the second. Tensions were rising. Opinion polls flowed one way, always setting their mark in the negative camp. On the streets, more flags and stickers appeared, more opinions were proffered.

Then, as if by magic, we saw a catalyst. A catalyst in the form of an YouGov (the clue is in the name) opinion poll. Somehow, the YESers were gaining momentum, the tide appeared to be turning. The heat beneath the cauldron became intense. The Goverment and other supporters of the Union sprung into action. The world's eyes  swung towards Scotland. Fear became a major influence, a fear of the unknown.

More signs, more stickers. The Government offered goodies,  a bag full, for the Scots, if they voted NO.

Battle commenced, both sides allegedly involved in dirty tricks, some more dirty than others. All the "top" politicians had converged here, allegedly due to the YESish swing in the poll...

Step into the fray, Gordon Brown; his credentials :

A confirmed New World Orderalist :

"It is time to formally recognise on a more consistent and regular basis the reality of this emerging new world order."....

A confirmed Luciferian ?:

his vision for a "global society governed by a shared moral sense" (BBC News):

And we find that from the timeless wisdom of all the great religions - from which billions across the world derive daily inspiration - there is a consistent ethical core that propels us to act: encapsulated in the golden rule that informs not just Christianity and Judaism but also Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Islam - showing that we are not moral strangers but there is a shared moral sense common to us all:

And from these common precepts of the world’s great religions, we can - perhaps for the first time - move from old battlegrounds where religions confronted often each other to a higher common ground where people of all religions can unite around what binds them together.

Flew the flag at the Beijing - London Olympic handover ceremony

Arrived late for the Treaty of Lisbon signing, a potentially symbolic gesture.

Referendum wise, Gordon appeared to taken the helm of Better Togther, apparently speaking with a passion that no one had witnessed before  (Gordon Brown's place in history rewritten after...) :

 Gordon Brown has been hailed as the man who saved the Union, after his late intervention in the referendum campaign halted a slide of Labour supporters who had been planning to vote for independence.

Gordon has stated that he personally will ensure that the pledges offered up by the UK government will be honoured.

Thus a new form of devolved government for Scotland is on the cards. 
We are left with the thought, including the allegations of vote tampering, that the whole process was an exercise in Machiavellian politics, that there was no chance Scotland would gain true independence and, bearing in mind Alex Salmond's desire to retain the monarchy in any event, it was always a "heads we win, tails you lose" scenario - perhaps to break one's spirit and the spirit of those watching.

That's not forgetting that the new "devo-max" Scotland may transpire to be a blueprint for the rest of the world under a global government. That's including routinely armed police and every child to have a state appointed "guardian".

Whilst, does anyone really believe that the Queen purred to Cameron down a 'phone line from Balmoral, indeed even that she had to rely on a call from him to break the referendum result. It seems doubtful.


Note -

Machiavellianism is, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, "the employment of cunning and duplicity in statecraft or in general conduct".


Anon said...

That YouGov poll was interesting. Did Murdoch ask for a poll that would annoy Cameron?

- Aangirfan

Newspaceman said...

I am becoming more of the belief that they are all, all, as thick as thieves.

YouGoV is fronted by a chap called Shakespeare.