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Thursday, 18 September 2014

IS in Oz (allegedly)

The above image is from today's mail on line.

Allegedly, it depicts an alleged Australian "Muslim" terrorist.

The number 33 on his shirt is interesting, perhaps symbolic. We see a lot of it.

The name on his shirt, Geronimo, is interesting too (Through the Looking Glass):

A man by the name of Walter Camp is considered the father of American football...In the 1880's he started to establish specific RULES that set the game apart from it's British cousin. In those days most organized games were played in the North Eastern United States at primarily Ivy League Universities. Walter Camp was from Yale, a member of the countries most elite fraternity Delta Kappa well as home to The Skull and Bones Society, and many say the skull of American Indian Geronimo. Anyone unfamiliar with Yale, Delta Kappa Epsilon or Skull & Bones, I suggest you take an hour or two and check into the histories, and members of these institutions.

The Original Coat of Arms of Delta Kappa Epsilon - Note "rampant lion" and "saltire"
A list of Collegiate Secret Societies 

 Both George H.W. Bush, and his son George W. Bush served as members of the DKE's, as well as Skull and Bones during their time at Yale. There are two other lesser known secret societies at Yale, The Scroll and Key and The Wolf's Head Society. Elder Bush's father Prescott Bush was a "Bonesman" as well as a senior partner with Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. who would become the single trustee of The Russell Trust AssoCIAtion the corporate entity of Skull and Bones. Even Prescott's father James Bush was a Grey Friar member of Yale's Wolf's Head Society back in 1844. Aside from Prescott Bush's documented financial dealings with the Nazis during WWII, he is said to have actually stolen the skull and bones of the legendary Chiricahua Apache Indian Geronimo. 

 From the comments :

"Wikipedia explains that Geronimo's name wasn't actually Geronimo - that is a name given to him by the Mexicans, after St. Jerome. Interestingly, illustrations of St. Jerome typically picture him with a skull. Maybe the Bonesmen are really interested in St. Jerome and not Geronimo."

St. Jerome is, of course, intimate with the Treaty of Lisbon and a lion. See my old post - Going back to our roots.


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