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Friday, 30 May 2014

The Children who stare at Goat

I noted the then up and coming Oak Apple Day visit of Prince William and Kate to the Famous Grouse Experience in the post Game plans earlier this month,  noting  previous "coincidences" on the same date in 2009 in connection with Edinburgh's Arthur Seat and Prince Harry's visit to Ground 0.

Oak Apple Day, also known as Royal Oak Day, was a holiday celebrated to commemorate the restoration of the Scottish founded, UK monarchy in 1660,  albeit with a "pre-Christian", "Druidic", twist.

All eyes were on Kate's clothes, given her recent revealing-rear experience, and for this occasion she wore a blood red dress by Goat which appeared to protect her modesty. There was no sign in the media coverage of her pie either, the bespoke steak and onion as previously promised.

Crowds gathered both at the whisky experience and a later fete visit, one can't help but notice the bulk appeared to consist of  local school-children, and their mandatory adult "supervisors".


wiki - The Men Who Stare at Goats


hirundine said...

Cate seems to air her fanny, quite frequently?

Newspaceman said...

Yeah, it's maybe a bit fishy hurundine. Bit like the SNP logo turned 45 degrees.

Early "christians" used the fish as a symbol.


aferrismoon said...

Hirundine , like cars the fanny in Britain drives on the other side of the road. Anyhow , more duality :}