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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Last Orders

Statue of Liberty - a masonic icon
 I have noted David Beckham at least a couple of times this year already, firstly in Metrosexual Quarterly, when I noted his "purchase" of Damien Hirst's butterfly Daddy's Girl artwork, and the corresponding GQ front page featuring a reptile-eyed Rihanna, photographed by Hirst, with reference to "ALL HAIL THE NEW "NEW MAN !", and the "luminati".

The second post, from the day before the above - Eye-cons - featured Beckham's visit on 10/1 to twin Diago whisky plants in Scotland with his agent, whilst highlighting the designer Ralph Lauren's niece, Jenny, her out-of-order behaviour on a plane and subsequent court appearance in Ireland. The court was held in a public house, named Brian Boru after a ancient High King of Ireland.

Yesterday, 123 days later, saw Beckham revisit Scotland, this time Bar 99 in Edinburgh, where he was allegedly filming an advert for Haig Club Whisky. Bar 99 is located in Hanover Street in the New Town, the street named after the Hanoverian "royal family", the New Town built as part of the Scottish Enlightenment. Crowds gathered to watch the global mega-star. Edinburgh Evening News. Beckham was apparently staying in the Balmoral Hotel, a place with magickal connections given J.K. Rowling completed her Harry Potter series there, signing a bust of Hermes in Room 652, on 11/1/2007.

Yesterday, in Windsor Castle, Prince William was attending a "glittering gala dinner" in respect of The Royal Marsden Hospital. Wills met a Harry Potter star as well as dimpled Kate Moss, who we noted re "her" David Bowie - Brit Awards -  "anti- Scottish-independence" speech in The Starman and Scottish independence. The event was attended by 222 individuals according to the mail on line, and was sponsored by Ralph Lauren. Note that Kate's body language would appear to indicate she is going through a distressful moment. Which is understandable.

Fantastic beast
Also yesterday it was announced that the first instalment of Rowling's, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, is to be released on 18th November 2016. 


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hirundine said...

222 individuals = 111 couples? Now that's a nice round number?

Do people actually see Mr Beckham as relevant? Does he really sell more booze with, than without him?