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Tuesday 8 October 2013

William in Orange

Yesterday, Prince William hosted a football match at Buckingham Palace to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Football Association. He looked dapper in orange boots, sourced from Manchester United (Red Devils) player, Wayne Rooney, whilst the traditional half time oranges were served on silver platters along with Mars Bars. here

The (English) Football Association was first conceived at the Freemason's Tavern, Great Queen Street, London in 1863. 

Football has eleven players per side. The "elite" appear to hold these particular digits in some esteem as with double 11; 22.

Tying in with that, today the BBC reports that a range of 22 coins are to be minted to commemorate baby-Prince George, ranging in cost from £13 to £50,000.

The coins feature a lily font and the motto "Dieu et mon droit" or "God and my right" which itself is sourced from the Divine right of kings, meaning that the monarch requires no earthly authority to rule and derives his or her power directly from God. 

A dark Prince William on the front cover of Hello magazine, issue 1111, dated 22/02/2010


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