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Saturday, 16 March 2013


Animal lover, Morrissey, has appeared in this blog on a few occasions, the last being December 13th 2012 when he commented on the death of  Kate Middleton's Oz Radio "suicide nurse" (Only Fools and Horses).  As noted then, I cannot quite make up my mind on him, the link includes reference to his choice of William Blake's, Jerusalem, in his Introducing Cantona video, something I find quite interesting given the concept of British Israelism.

Today it is widely reported that, after a series of "medical mishaps", the former Smiths front man has pulled out of his US tour with 22 concerts remaining, despite him declaring himself in February to be "as fit as a ferret". His next performance was due in Kansas on Monday. (BBC News)

The regular reader of this blog will hopefully realise the potential significance of the 22 remaining concerts, 22 being double 11, digits apparently dear to the powers that be. For example there's Armistice Day, Uri Geller with his Egyptian treasure motivated purchase of Lamb Island, and of course Prince William's 1111 Hello magazine dark, front page.

Then there's the Kansas connection, Kansas being the home of Dorothy in Wizard of Oz. Some say the Wizard of Oz has deep occult undertones and is used in mind control, see here for example. In Oz being an anagram of Zion.

Let's not forget too the ferret aspect, ferrets traditionally being used to catch rabbits by flushing them from their warrens. Going down the rabbit hole so to speak. In that respect see Pseudo Occult Media in terms of Alice in Wonderland, Walt Disney; and more mind control. 

It may just be coincidence.


Also see aangirfan. topically, re Taylor Swift and 13th December. 


aferrismoon said...

Wales beat England 30-3 on Saturday, thus 33 points in the game.

Maybe the 0 is the egg of a dragon/phoenix heralding the next Royal cchild.