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Tuesday 10 July 2012

A load of balls ?

There are 18 days left of the London Olympic games relay and today "it" visited Windsor Castle to see the Queen and Prince Philip. Earlier, the procession had been interupted by a male streaker.  The rain was torrential as Gina MacGregor, aged 74, carried the torch in. She was the 73rd carrier of the torch out of 111 and passed the torch to Phil Wells, aged 12. 

The above image shows the transaction taking place in glorious sunshine. Note that Gina is short for Regina, which in itself means Queen. Note the pairing of the two Phils. Add the two torch bearers numbers together - 73 & 74, a total of 147 - the maximum points achievable in the game of snooker - which revolves around a triangle/pyramid. Note the "torch kiss", forming the triangle/pyramid. 

Then turn to the Bible. Palm 147 - 2 :  

        The LORD doth build up Jerusalem:
           he gathereth together the outcasts of Israel.
Then look to Scotland and Donald Trump. Today he "opened" his 18 hole golf course ("probably the best in the world") in the North East, the one built on a nature reserve, whilst dedicating it to his mother who hailed from the Isle of Lewis. Remember that the North East corner is highly important to freemasonry, for it is always the site of the cubic corner stone - "the most important stone in the whole edifice". (The Symbolism of Freemasonry).

Then hail British Israel.


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