Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Friday 29 April 2011

She wore a yellow ribbon

It began very late Thursday night, for me, with BBC Radio 4's : The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The True Story, an hour long tribute to the story, and indeed it's creator and alleged top freemason, L Frank Baum.

Friday, the day of the wedding, saw Morrissey reported via the BBC, apparently on a BBC radio 5 show condemning the Royal Family and labelling them "benefit scroungers". We covered Morrissey in some depth back in early March, his cover of Patti Smith's Redondo Beach - originally released on her album Horses - tying in with the sardine disaster at King's Harbour.

The wedding began, Kate unveiled beside William at 11.11, after arriving in the same phantom Rolls Royce containing Charles and Camilla en route the Wizard of Oz billboard festooned Palladium - the one which was attacked by alleged rioters. Rowan Williams performed the ceremony. Wills, of course, is no stranger to 11, 11, remember last year's front cover appearance in Hello magazine, issue 1111 ? Archbishop Rowan, as a Druid, is surely no stranger to oaks and perhaps saw some symbolism in the three acorns displayed on the Middleton's new Coat of Arms. Maybe the same sort of symbolism as contained within the Little Red Riding Hood fairy story - for does not the grandmother's house sit beneath three oaks.

At twelve minutes to twelve, Blake's Jerusalem began. That's the same Jerusalem which Morrissey used in his "Introducing Cantona" video, the one which features an Eric Cantona, loving bootboy visiting London. As all noted in my mid-March post
(Masquerade). Just at the beginning of this month, the Cantona sardine story reincarnated after the conviction of Crystal Palace supporter, Matthew Simmons, for an assault offence (4th Reich).

Later in the afternoon, an impromptu party took place in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow, a park designed by Joseph Paxton, who's most notable work was the Crystal Palace in London. All hell broke loose, the police being pelted with bottles, cans and suchlike, their vehicles vandalised, 22 arrests, and eleven officers injured. BBC - here
; and note my recent Old Firm/New World Posts

Perhaps Kelvingrove is most notable for it's art gallery and museum which was opened by HM the Queen, after refurbishment, on 11/7 in 2006. Indeed, it's star attraction is Salvador Dali's, Christ of Saint John of the Cross.


Top image - from yesterday's Kelvingrove incident. Note the horse chestnut tree.

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Monday 25 April 2011

Turning Japanese

We read today of a magnificent gesture by seven of Scotland's independent whisky distilleries, each donating a cask of single malt to be mixed with the others and sold to raise money for the "disaster relief effort" both in Japan and New Zealand. The product is to be called Spirit of Unity.

Which is all good at face value.

However, there is another side to the Japanese, especially in regard to their work ethic, which is often promoted via the media as being something desirable. One sees them in their car factories, immaculate in identical boiler suits, doing physical exercises and suchlike before commencing ultra-productive operations. My Grandad told me more about their ethics too, he came across them in the second world war, and for sure they follow their orders, regardless.

Yeah, there's a spiritual price to be paid for global unity.


BBC - whisky story.

Thursday 21 April 2011

Suspect Device

In my March post, Black magick, I considered the possibility that Glasgow Rangers footballer, El Hadji Diouf, was colluding with the ongoing establishment of a new world order - a global prison - given his behaviour in the Old Firm game, behaviour which included a spat with Celtic manager, Neil Lennon.

My philosophies were fairly simple, he was acting as an agent provocateur.

The next derby seemed fairly quiet, maybe only a couple of stabbings at most with a slashing or two, however this week the whole Protestant Catholic bigotry thing has kicked off again.

On Wednesday, just before the media explosion, Diouf again made front page headlines, apparently stating that he admired Libya's Colonel Gaddafi and felt sympathy for him. Then, on Thursday 20th, it was announced that the police were looking for a serial letter bomber, explosive packages having been intercepted en-route manager, Lennon, his and Celtic's "lawyer", Paul McBride QC, and an elderly lady Labour MSP (Member of Scottish Parliament), the ominous sounding Trish Godman. Today it was revealed that the parcels were allegedly posted in Kilwinning, Ayrshire.

This has caused outrage it appears, allsorts are now shouting again for an end to bigotry, whilst the police are ready to move in special "snatch squads" this coming Sunday (another derby) and arrest any would-be chanters of The Sash, or the Boys of the Old Brigade. McBride has apparently suggested that a South African style "truth and reconciliation" commission be set up to help address the problem. British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has called it an appalling act. Michael Kelly, former Celtic director, claimed it was "terrorism, purely and simply".

So here's how it goes. Diouf begins the process with his reference to Gaddaffi. This, obviously, has many thinking Old Firm footballer, Lockerbie, bombing, terrorism. Next day it's Lennon, letter bombings, terrorism. Same script, different actors, same outrage.

Basically, all football related "bigotry" is on the edge of being classed as terrorism. Simply not acceptable, a threat to our civilised, democratic, society. There is no place for it any more. If you don't think like that then there must be something wrong with you. End of story.

What if though..

Hi Neil, it's X here. We need you to do us a favour, help us stamp out the blight of bigotry, help us all live harmoniously as a big family. All you need to do is go along with the scam.

Hi Mr. McBride, QC, it's X here. We need you to do us a favour and help us stamp out the blight of bigotry... (QC is an abbreviation of Queen's Counsel)

Hiya Mrs. Godman, it's X here. We need you to.. (Mrs. Godman is secretly flattered she was chosen for the role, believing it might be something to do with her wearing a Celtic strip on her last day at Holyrood.)

Mrs Godman is wrong, it is all in her name. The old religions are being destroyed, a new God-man to worship is appearing. The source, just like the alleged letter bombs, is Kilwinning. For here, at 99 Main Street, only a few hundred yards from the post box, sits the freemason's lodge number 0, also known to the crafty as the mother lodge and reputed to be the oldest in the world. Where it all began (again) many hundred years ago.

And it is their man-god who will rule over the one world society; after all, they built it.


BBC - letter bomb story.

Sunday 17 April 2011

Salmon of Wisdom

Following on from yesterday's post, today's Scotland on Sunday advises that it is likely that Prince William and Kate are to be bestowed with the title Duke and Duchess of Strathearn when they marry on the 29th.

Now I am not, nor desire to be, expert on these type of matters but from wikipedia it appears that this dukedom is reserved for the Royals and, as matters stand today, has never been awarded by itself per se, but rather in combination with another. Including Cumberland it appears.

Perthshire's Strathearn, or valley of the Irish, too is known for it's glass, Teachers whisky rebranding the popular Vasart company set up by Salvador Ysart in 1947. The Strathearn Glass logo was a leaping salmon whilst Teachers sold out to Stuart Glass in 1980 and the company was again rebranded, this time to Stuart Strathearn. Production ended in 1992.

Perhaps there is esoteric wisdom to be taught here in terms of the salmon, the king of fish - who leaves it's home-burn and travels down to the sea to migrate in search of rich food. It then returns - an arduous journey - to spawn, before, hopefully making the journey once again.


Scotland on Sunday story

wiki - Duke of Strathearn.

Saturday 16 April 2011

Linked ?

On Friday, 15th, UK military "reservists", as part of their training for Afghanistan, re-walked the route of a "Jacobite night march" in 1746 - a march which was originally aborted the day prior to the Battle of Culloden, where Bonnie Prince Charlie and his "Stuart" rebel army were defeated by a British army headed by William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, alias The butcher. (BBC - Reservists re-enact Jacobite night march).

On Saturday, 16th, HMS Cumberland returned home to Plymouth after her final deployment (from Libya to Malta). The vessel, nicknamed "fighting sausage", was welcomed home by "friends and family standing on the cliff-top at Devil's Point". (BBC).


see A box without hinges, key,or lid... and squaring the circle (re HM Queen's visit to Culloden on 29/6/09)

Monday 11 April 2011

Highway to Hell

Today, 11/4/11, saw Prince William and Kate on their final public engagement some 18 days before the wedding. In the morning they opened a new school, Darwen Aldridge Community Academy, whilst the afternoon was spent at Witton Country Park. (BBC News).

From wiki, we note the ominous location of Darwen: The town stands athwart the River Darwen and the A666 road, with Blackburn to the north, and Bolton to the south.

And that it's name come from the Brythonic derw, or oak, the Druidic king of trees.

In my vampire post Old habits die hard, I noted many other "coincidences" which surround this date: the (alleged) Stone of Destiny return to Arbroath Abbey after repatriation, the Dunblane massacre, William's wings, William of Orange etc., and indeed it pops up in James Shelby Downard's KK33, being the birthdate of the town Ruby in Arizona.


Friday 8 April 2011

4th Reich

In the middle of March I pondered over the course of two posts the madness of a connection between The Smith's Morrissey, Eric Cantona, and a highlighted warning of Prince William as forthcoming global king of a "new world order" through the mechanism of the King Harbour, Redonda Beach, sardine disaster. (Uncanny and Masquerade).

The second (as linked) post dealt more with the Cantona angle; in particular his infamous Kung-Fu kick at the Crystal Palace supporters and subsequent "sardine" press conference, all of which led on to Ken Loach's, Looking for Eric, movie. The post ended with reference to Loach's cancelling of a screening of the film at the Melbourne Film Festival, "citing a campaign to target events that are in receipt of financial support from the State of Israel" by way of explanation. My thoughts were of masks, Jews, and British Israel.

The infamous karate kick incident was 16 years ago and nothing more has been heard of the "victim", Matthew Simmons. Until this week that is, for Mr. Simmons, now aged 36, appeared at Kingston Crown Court and was today found guilty of punching the coach of his son's football team , Stuart Cooper, last August, following several years of "bad blood". Simmons claimed he had reacted after being called "Nazi scum". (bbc - simmons report).

This latter story seems to again join dots and thus produce lines to read between: a return to London and thus the "Zion" Olympic "crown" stadium, the Nazis with Hitler's plans for his own world order, bad-blood, Kingston Crown Court and the victim, Stuart Cooper, his name resonating both the infamous House of Stuart (Princess Diana) dynasty, and indeed Cooper, a worker of metals and, as such, alchemy - essential for the imminent "golden age".