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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Schiphol - A Scottish Synchronicity

To be edited/expanded/linked , you may have to read between the lines at present.

This morning we saw a plane carrying 133 crew and passengers crash close to Schiphol Airport - home base of KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) amongst others, whilst it's name derives from Old Dutch, meaning "ship hell".

The time of the incident was 0931 GMT, the aeroplane crashing short of the runway, landing close to the A9 highway.

Just under 30 minutes later - exact time to be confirmed - a motor vehicle crash involving three lorries and two cars occured in Scotland. The location was the main Edinburgh - Thurso A9 trunk road, precisely the small town of Dunkeld which lies directly across our biggest river, the Tay, from the village of Birnam. One truck left the road and felled several trees which landed on a number of cars which were parked in the offficially titled Dunkeld and Birnam railway station.

So what ?

Well, according to American conspiracy theorist, James Shelby Downard, in his essay King Kill 33, both railroads and the play Macbeth feature significantly in freemasonry - surely an organisation rooted in the Knights Templar. . Those readers aquainted with, The Scotttish play, will be aware of the tale and thus the significance of the witches prophecy regarding Birnam Wood.

The contents of the two Scotttish water lorries ?

Raw sewage, like the stuff that washes up on the beach.


BBC report is here, note they have inaccurately described the railway station as Dunkeld only, the correct and full title can be verified via wikipedia.


aferrismoon said...

Flight 1549 , the Hudson
Flight 3407 , Buffalo
Flight 1951 , Amsterdam
Flight 821 , Yral

All Prime NUmbers


Newspaceman said...

Cheers AFM, I note your last post.