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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Got 99 problems...

I noted in my post, A fishy tale, last month of how the Scottish National Party's annual budget for the year 2009-2010 was £33 billion and, furthermore, of how capital city Edinburgh applied for £33 million of this.

I have also noted in various previous posts of the Royal Bank of Scotland's financial problems, in particular their "bail-out" by the UK taxpayer, and today we read from the BBC
(RBS records record corporate loss) of how they are to be given further funds on top of the £20 billion already - £13 billion - giving a grand total of £33 billion.

Again in many previous posts I have highlighted the ongoing, year long, Scottish faux Burns/Golf Homecoming extravaganza, indicating that it is not perhaps all it appears to be, for example my post, I saw three ships a sailing, which highlighted the unusual choice of festive ephemera selected to celebrate this by Scottish PM Alex Salmond, where I stated, pictorially, that it may have more to do with the Knights Templar arrival on these shores and their subsequent re-birth through the vehicle of freemasonry, their objective being a one world, global, order.
It also requires noting, given the current furore (see here) , that ex RBS boss, Sir. Fred Goodwin, has retired aged 50 with an annual pension of £693,000. 693 being 21 x 33.

I leave you with tonight's Edinburgh Evening News front page concerning the Royal Bank which ties in well with the above although, unfortunately, the bottom third is missing.



Skinjob Prime said...

Damn, what a blatant, obvious newspaper frontpage.
We literally should all be slapped not noticing this or have them rub their victorious slogan right under our noses.

we deserve what we get, sad but true, cause it all happens under our own accord and "free" will.

Suddenly Ted Nugents "stormtroopers" makes a lot more sense^^

Newspaceman said...

You will need to help me out here.

I think I recall Nugent from my youth, maybe not though. Have checked wiki, no mention of stormtroopers so I am a bit lost.

You could hardly be slapped for not noticing the headline, given that your first word of your first sentence indicates to me, perhaps wrongly, that you live on the other side of the big loch.

Anyhow, I am glad you appreciate today's reality - and it's inevitable consequences.

ps I posted a better headline from the same paper last month, showing ISIS, sorry the Statue of Liberty, holding a Bank of Scotland logo.


Skinjob Prime said...

Heres the lyrics: (shape of things to come?)


In the early morning hours there's a din in the air;
mayhem's on the loose.
Stormtroopers comin', and you better be prepared.
Got no time to choose.

Get ready. Stormtroopers comin'.

Comin' up that street, jackboots steppin' high.
Got to make a stand.
Looking in your windows and listen to your phone.
Keep a gun in your hand.

Get ready. Stormtroopers comin'.
Get ready. Stormtroopres comin' around.

Two hundred down, and it's comin' 'round again.
Got no second choice.
Where's the justice and where's that law.
Raise your healthy voice.

Get ready. Stormtroopers comin'.
We'll be ready. Stormtroopers comin'.
Getting ready. Stormtroopers comin'.
Get ready. Stormtroopers comin'.