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Monday, 24 November 2008

K9 2 666

Those who immerse themselves in synchronicity will be well pleased with this little gem from Red Ice creations latest interview with genius (some might say plagiarist) Jake Kotze, others will find this post utter drivel so may as well stop reading.

On the you tube video there is a moment of "comedy genius" - exactly when the clock shows 4.15/9.03 a man is heard shouting in the background "Spencer" and a dog begins barking loudly.

So what you might say, the interview has been somehow slightly fouled up. Think again, consider adding the numerals in the time display at the exact moment of interruption, a total of 22, 2 x 11, resonating the double K, a favourite of Jake's.

Then think of the context of the interview, the J.C. movie star resonating Christ, and Jake's belief in an unquantifiable yet fantastic future for humankind post Mayan 2012, seemingly a sort of an all encompassing one-ness lifting us to another level.

Then consider the dogs clearly heard name, Spencer; think Lady Diana, think Prince William, think God works in mysterious, sorry ultra mysterious, ways.


ps if anyone has the capability to cut and paste the actual screen clip image from you tube, then please, I would be most grateful.

pps more on Kotze and Jesus in what can only be described as superlative (and I don't lick arses) writing, at De Black Whole.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that may have been the dumbest post I've ever seen, congratulations.

Newspaceman said...

Wow, you must be the fastest commentor I have ever had, congratulations.

I take it you cannot make up your tiny mind whether or not it is the dumbest ?


Michael said...

I've come to consider the Blob to be an enthusiastic promoter of all things TV Land and New Orderish - the Sirius Spencer synch seems right on cue.

Thanks for the link to de black whole.

Cheers, Michael

Newspaceman said...

Thanks Michael, I dont really mean to knock the Blob too much, I just find it most curious that given we live in the end times, the main "conspiracy" Red Ice site seems to focus on individuals who have something to sell and, lets face it, very little to say of any benefit for humanity.

These people seem to think they have "woken up", yet their main role seems to be making money out of their "revelations"