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Monday, 17 November 2008

Angelic Upstarts ?

This is apt considering my last two posts; we read today from the BBC of an astonishing survey result in a study commissioned by children's charity Barnardo's - apparently over half of 2021 adults questioned believe that UK children behave like animals.

Furthermore, from the report, headlined UK society condemning children :

More than a third of those surveyed also agreed that "it feels like the streets are infested" with children, while 43% said something had to be done to protect adults.

Around 49% said they disagreed with the statement that children who "get into trouble" were "misunderstood" and needed professional help

One wonders what exactly the "something" will be "to protect adults", it almost runs parallel with the ubiquitous threat of "terrorism" and the introduction of identity cards, biometrics etc.

Yet, remember it is us, all of us, who allowed and still allow this inhuman slave-based society to be created and maybe, just maybe, these animal-like children somehow "know" better and it is our adults who are in dire need of help.


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Anonymous said...

2021, a number resonating with 2012 immediately and from there, a glimpse of Ayn Rand's character Ellsworth Toohey, his way of working subtle.