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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Fruit and Veg - A synchromystic journey with Archibald Pelago

This is the last post by Archibald Pelago (rat catcher) and inspired by the extraordinary tale of Jake Kotze and his Oz related Jimmy Page/lacoste clothing/
avocado journey over at the blob.

and pages resonated peaches and books to me - my favourite author David Brian Plummer, artisan hunter, dog breeder and social recluse (born 11th September) wrote a book - his
Tarka the Otter - about a badger and the dark side of humanity. In the story we read a harrowing tale of a badger cub taken into captivity, the climax of which is an arranged pit fight between the badger, Trog, and a bull terrier by the name of Peaches. (Nothing to do with Michael Caine and The Man who would be King)

From the badger, which perhaps comes from the French becheur, to dig, we excavate a little deeper, the black and white of the badger correlating the chequerboard - Jake on the black squares, as he tells of his pimp inspired "nosis", a nosis which I must confess I find both
nonsensical and intelligence insulting:

Jim was putting a spin on its usual meaning in the 911 context. Instead of referring to a the government orchestrating 911, this 'Inside Job' means the spiritual transformation and global ascension process marked by the 911 Mega-Ritual.

It's life Jim, but not as we know it ? We thus travel to Scotland via Star Trek, specifically to Linlithgow, birthplace of Montgomery Scott -
"an engineer with no known equal in the universe" - in 2222, the twin 11's twice, an octagon of towers, suggests that a stargate is located here and furthermore that since I live close by, I must be correct in my assumption that the "911 mega-ritual" is no spiritual ascension process, rather part of a plot for the further enslavement of humanity.

We go back to poor Trog, dead by the end of the book, dumped at a roadside, no longer any use for baiting and we think of humanity and it's future and of it's purpose and we recall like Jake, Aleister Crowley, in this instance his vision of Atlantean society as depicted in The Lost Continent:

"The whole population was put to perpetual hard labour."

Chess loving, never boring Aleister ( he changed his name from Edward to the Gaelic form of his middle name Alexander) had dealings with a being he called Lam, a being which resembles that of a grey alien - did I mention that badgers used to be called brocks and that this itself came from the Gaelic
broc, meaning grey.

This greyness takes us straight back to Jake's recent post and his observations of Jimmy Page, observations that he tapped into whilst out fruit shopping. In the manner of Newton, an apple fell upon his head, although in this instance it was an avocado with a Jimmy sticker.

Europa ! - Jimmy Page and Oz, maybe we are getting somewhere. Somewhere that newspaceman was a month or so ago, when he wrote in relation to the Olympic flag handover in Beijing:

Jimmy Page appears (as if by magic) -not that long ago a "dragon suit" wearing occultist and Aleister Crowley disciple; so devoted as to purchase his mentor's old property, Loch Ness based Boleskin House. Whilst with Led-Zep he used a symbol commonly taken as zoso. Yet to me it says zofo, of oz backwards.

"Its a rat trap Kotze, but you're already caught."



Anonymous said...

Archibald, you rock, I dig all you write man.

I saw a badger once, I had just taken a whack of ketamine and was lying down - going through the k-hole we coloquially called it.

yours, Trevor

Anonymous said...

This is amazing, incredible, I can hardly describe it.

I was thinking about Lam and Scotland only yesterday, when I tucked into my chops - they were grey too.

I had potatoes and baby carrots on the side, resonating with your post title and maybe Crowley ate/sacrificed babies ?

thank you so much, you have opened my mind


Anonymous said...

Holy shit, you have blown my mind, this is incredible work, research of the very highest calibre - you are sooooo connected Archibald.

I noticed you mentioned the Man who would be King - the Libertines have a tune called that - think Pete Doherty, he has maybe shagged Peaches Geldof, although maybe not.He takes a whack of drugs though and used to go out with Kate Moss. A rolling stone gathers no moss and they took loads of drugs too. Plus when you inject drugs it is known as jagging up, think Mick.

I dont like Mondays either which ties in nicely with the Geldof synch. ?

I will miss you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Archibald, you missed the obvious chequerboard/ Montgomery Scott 2222 year of birth synch -

4 x 2 is 8 and there are 8 squares on each side of the board.

brilliant/genius post as usual though, I too will miss you.


Anonymous said...

This post resonates so deeply with me - the depth of galactic centre.

When I was a baby my Dad took me up to the old shale bings in my pram. No one really knows what happened, at first they thought we were both dead but it was only poor papa - although they never found his body

After a couple of days they found me, apparently in a spot already searched. No one knows how I was alive, some say badgers looked after me.

I am not sure though.

Medicine Man

Anonymous said...

Hey Archibald, great post.

Have you considered that 9 x 11 is 99 and of the connection with the ice cream cone with the two bits of chocolate flake sticking out the scoops, like towers.

danka, Kris Kros

Anonymous said...

Hola Archibald,

Just wanted to say - amazing.

"And I'm inter-continental 'cause I eat French toast" - The Beastie Boys.

You too are inter-continental Archibald, I mean that sincerely.

adios, Carlos from Spain

Anonymous said...

You need to ride the stargate Archibald - ever tried mushies.


Newspaceman said...

I will ride you Percy.


aferrismoon said...

Despite all that - Jimmy Page and Isaac Newton look quite alike