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Friday, 17 October 2008

Down and out with Paris in London ?

Whilst this week many would perhaps be tempted look to the economic world for a glimpse of humanity's work saturated and pre-planned slave based future (and who am I to disagree), it is both interesting and relevant to note some of the other "news" which has been sent our way over the last few days, news which seems to me just as important.

Firstly, and perhaps obscurely for overseas born correspondents, we had the 50th anniversary of the worlds longest running television show, BBC children's "programme" Blue Peter (the same Blue Peter that spawned Dorothy/Tayiba in the recent Beijing Wizard of Oz production), an event marked by Her Majesty the Queen on Tuesday 14th when she hosted a special party at Buckingham Palace and which included her presenting four viewers with special gold badges in commemoration. We read from the BBC, Blue Peter marks golden milestone:

John Noakes, Valerie Singleton, Simon Groom and Konnie Huq were among the ex-presenters in attendance at Buckingham Palace, when the show received its Royal seal of approval earlier in the week.
"Blue Peter has been at the heart of children's lives for 50 years, and we are absolutely delighted that the Queen is recognising this," said editor Tim Levell.

On Wednesday, we obtained information as to government plans to introduce a huge computer database which would store details of an individual's mobile phone calls and internet use , utilising a raft of rationales for this, again from the BBC, Giant database plan "Orwellian":

"Our ability to intercept communications and obtain communications data is vital to fighting terrorism and combating serious crime, including child sex abuse, murder and drugs trafficking.

On Thursday 16th, USA Boss's Day, and the day of the proper Blue Peter anniversary show, a special parade was held in London to celebrate the success of the British Olympians and Paralympians, a parade which ended with another special event. From the ever reliable BBC:

After the 12-float procession travelled from Mansion House to Trafalgar Square, the Olympians ended their day by meeting the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

A busy day for the Queen then, as she also found time to travel to the UK headquarters of Google in London, an occasion marked by a special homepage being created in her honour. From Queen has fit of Google giggles:

Internet giant Google was given the royal seal of approval when the Queen had a fit of the giggles during a tour of its London headquarters.
Google's UK homepage logo was given a makeover for the occasion, featuring a specially-commissioned "Google doodle" of the Queen's profile and a crown.

& Queen makes web of new contacts:

This was an encounter between the head of an ancient institution and a company working in cyberspace which was founded by students in a Californian garage 10 years ago.

and just to show how out of touch with "todays world" she and Prince Philip are, we read:

And in a company where the dress code is apparently that the staff must wear something, the Queen's husband had this to say to one casually dressed employee: "Have you just come back from jogging?

Come Thursday night though, we hear of their youthful and
in touch grandchildren, William and Harry, - the spawn of golden hearted Diana - partying along with their cousins Beatrice and Eugenie and some other famous people at London bar Whisky Mist, to mark the commencement of the Royal Princes' charity motorbike ride through rapidly "freemasonic" and western colonising Africa. From the Daily Mail:

Singer Christina Aguilera and perpetual party girl Paris Hilton were also at the club in Mayfair, downing champagne.

Miss Hilton apparently did her best to attract a prince, but to no avail.

Prince William chatted with her only briefly before walking away and Harry tried to ignore her sexy dance, according to witnesses - a good thing too, as his girlfriend Chelsy Davy was there.

Our future's bright ?


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wise woman said...

How's this for a marvellous coincidence - in 2008 a Queen's head is cut & pasted onto the Google title, 215 years earlier, on the same day the head of another queen, Marie Antionette is simply cut off.