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Sunday, 20 April 2008

Warning Bells & Horns ?

It seems like only yesterday, because it was, that I wrote about the 56 squadron and their ceremonial reincarnational fly-over Scotland on the 18th.

Those who have read previous posts will appreciate my fondness for "messages from the deep" and subsequently this, from today and courtesy the BBC:

Page last updated at 17:30 GMT, Sunday, 20 April 2008 18:30 UK

A 29ft racing yacht has sunk after running aground in a bay on the Firth of Forth.

Seven people were on board the Jezebel Two when it hit rocks off North Queensferry. All made it safely ashore.

The incident happened when the vessel was going round the bay at about 1500 BST.

South Queensferry and Kinghorn coastguard teams, as well as Queensferry lifeboat, were called out to assist the crew.

From wikipedia, re Jezebel:

Using the vowels traditionally used for this name by Hebrew readers, the Hebrew form of this name means "not exalted". But it is highly unlikely her parents would have given her such a name. Read with different vowels it can be understood as meaning "Where is the Prince?" ('ay zebul in Hebrew). In fact, early Syrian inscriptions from Ugarit demonstrate that "the Prince" (equivalent of Hebrew "Zebul") was a popular title for the storm god of the Phoenicians.


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