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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Victoria's Secret

Legs 11
Monday 22nd was Victoria Day, an annual holiday in respect of Queen Victoria.

On Monday 22nd a homemade bomb exploded in Manchester  "at 22:33 BST", in what Theresa May called a "sickening" act. The numbers 22 & 33 are most  familiar, whilst note image below. (BBC News).

On Monday 22nd the Royal Victoria Hospital in Edinburgh burned, overnight, to the ground. (here)

Early in the morning of the 23rd, Victoria Station in London was closed; a suspect device.



Anonymous said...

Thanks. Great to read your words again. X

Mike said...

22 dead on the 22nd by a 22 year old.
Then a one minute silence at 11am (as per armistice day).
Then on Sat on bbc radio news twice I heard them accentuate the number 11 when referring to the new number of people arrested.

Could I be forgiven for thinking this is some kind of magick ritual or something?

What's it all about?
Got any good reading suggestions on numerology?
I've been a good boy and read The Elixir and the Stone as previously suggested.

Newspaceman said...

Thanks, appreciated @ 20.20.

Hiya Mike, Well done reading that, I didn't find it easy at all, it took me a good while to complete it all - albeit it was well worth it.

Not sure about books on numerology, there is what I consider a good pile of nonsense written "online". I just look for the patterns. For example The Clutha police helicopter crash @22.22.

The whole thing really gets me Mike, truth is I don't know. Probably the freakiest was the Glasgow Bin Lorry incident (see Mirrors re the numbers/movie connection), later when we found out at the fatal inquiry that the lorry began to veer left at Tam Shepherd's magic shop, which is located at a number 33.

I really wish I could be more help but...

One day maybe it will all transpire.

cheers, and thanks, I'll try to keep posting, even if they are just short.

Anonymous said...

Rainbows seem v symbolic

Newspaceman said...


I note that Harry has crossed paths with 2 "Victorias" whilst in Oz.

Over the rainbow, In Oz, ZION ?


aferrismoon said...

Hi News

Looks like the DUP have found themselves in a nice position, while the SNP's losses gave the tories victory.
There's aphoto at the BBC with May in the light and a man behind her in the shadows who I assume is a DUP MP.

Possibly the DUP will try to get the 'fleg' returned to Stormont on a daily basis, and of course, the reinstatemnet of Rangers to 'champion' status.


Anonymous said...

Great investigative work there. Remember that the Manchester Arena is partly located above Manchester's Victoria Station, and the Ariana Grande tour was named "Dangerous Woman".

There is a sub-stream to all this. By the A1 Cipher (A=1, B=2, C=3 etc., up to X=24, Y=25, Z=26): 26 = GOD. 52 = DEVIL. GOD + DEVIL = 78: the total number of cards in the Tarot Deck. 52 is two times 26; there are 26 weeks between each of the two Solstices; and DEVIL = EARTH, which seems to show that Satan is the ruler of this planet (not necessarily in a Judeo-Christian framework). A free PDF book 'Buck Smith & Anon, 'The Ancient Order Exposed' reveals more of the codes. It can be downloaded here:

Anonymous said...

Whoops. I just realised you had already mentioned Manchester's Victoria Station.