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Saturday 26 December 2015

Boleskine Burns

A year and a day (important in magickal circles) after the numerically spooky Glasgow bin lorry crash, Aleister Crowley's old Loch Ness abode, Boleskine House, is close to destroyed after a horrendous fire, the alarm raised at twenty to two.

As I have written before, Crowley purchased the property to undertake various experiments and believed the site to be a centre of energies.

Perhaps a nod towards 2016.


BBC News


aferrismoon said...

The 360th day in the year - a circle, as oft used in magical rituals

Bin is apparently a Celtic word, related to Welsh 'ben' - a cart, and from then to a receptacle. Glasgow was 'welsh' many years ago.

The top of a bin is usually circular, as are the wheels.

Was it arson?


Sabine said...

An upcoming baptism of fire perhaps.....

Please consider this recent post on William's black horse symbology

Newspaceman said...

Hiya, thanks for the comments, sorry to take so long.

Not sure if it was arson Mr. Moon, scant details.

Sabine, many thanks, most informative.


Alasdair Thorne said...

A sad day when it burned.