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Friday 8 May 2015

The Changelings, and other fishy matters

"Friend of Israel", big-nosed Jim Murphy and "transvestite comedian" Eddie Izzard.

A changeling, as noted in my very last post, is an "otherworld", sometimes sickly creature, who was substituted for a healthy human infant - in the dead of night.

Yesterday the U.K. voted, the results compiled overnight.

As prophesied here, courtesy the opinion polls, the Scottish National Party - who's name speaks for itself - did the business. Ex leader, Alex Salmond, commented, as widely reported :

"The winds are blowing across Scotland and they're blowing very strongly, believe me, in the north east of Scotland.

'There's going to be a lion roaring tonight, a Scottish lion, and it's going to roar with a voice that no government of whatever political complexion is going to be able to ignore."

Nicola Sturgeon, SNP leader @ centre

Freemasonry, allegedly, loves (for those in the know) allegories, symbols, ruses. Thus :

The North East corner is important in freemasonry. "Surely no Mason ever forgets the moment when he is placed in the Northeast Corner of the Lodge, and hears the Master say, that he there stands a just and upright Mason.  It is one of the thrills along the great journey of initiation, a point at which the idea and purpose of Masonry begin to take shape in the mind."

But why the Northeast Corner?  Would not some other corner of the Lodge do as well?  Perhaps it would, but Masonry is very old, going back into a time far gone, when ordinary things had meanings, real or imaginary, beyond their practical use.  Such a question opens a window into things quaint, curious, and even awful; and all sorts of explanations are offered us, some of which may be named...

Then, turning to the history of religion, he finds, not unnaturally, many rites of primitive peoples - magical rituals and Midsummer Night Dreams - celebrating the Summer Solstice.  Many hints and relics of the old Light Religion are preserved for us in Masonry - rays of its faiths and fictions - one of them being that the Northeast Corner of the Universe, and so of the Lodge of which it is a symbol, is the seat of the Sun-God in the prime of his power.

 MasonicWorld - north east corner

Demelza Powell in 2012  with the Olympic baton. It's day 34, the procession having doubled back into Scotland overnight, 33 -34. The statue is of freemason Robert Burns, making the "lion's paw" symbol. It's Prince William's "Summer Solstice"  birthday too.
Lions are important in freemasonry. I'm not too sure why. I know that when a male lion takes over a pride, it kills any male lion cubs of his predecessor. Usually he eats some of it too.  Top masons make a "lion's paw" symbol with a clenched hand. When the European Treaty of Lisbon was signed, it was done so later than the rest of the participant's representatives by Scottish Gordon Brown, then U.K. P.M. The location of this, now goatskin bound document, ritual was Jeronimes Chapel, a place named after a character who wandered round the world with a lame lion, the poor animal leaving drops of blood at his overnight stops. Work that out.

Going back to our roots

"Big nosed", David  Camerons wife, Samantha, is of a wealthy background. The type who only breed with their ilk.  The image below shows "her" choice of attire today. 



Anonymous said...

The Nemean Luon - a sacrifice, or worship, to Zeus.

As for the lion being lame then this notes that there is one foot always touching the earthly prince (as compared to his dualist and partner a heavenly / spiritual prince).


Anonymous said...

Miliband and Labour's 'written in stone' monolith.
Stone / square, non-rounded shape shows the Druidic influence......however only six pledges ???....something missing there as should've been seven or eight (??). Sense that message didn't get across to many that his chances of becoming PM were thereafter nullified - Conservative win almost guaranteed afterwards.

Miliband - a pawn in the game ?

Anonymous said...

Miliband - a pawn in the game ?


Anonymous said...

Simple minds live doing changeling in 1979.

Anonymous said...

Crete / Angus Og
Calendric symbolism

8/9 yearnperiod repaets from 2001......EU Ref in 2017

2001........2017.........momentous ?!


Anonymous said...

hoping you and the family are well. miss your posts

Newspaceman said...

Sorry, have had computer problems. Will be posting again shortly. cheers