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Tuesday 28 April 2015

Scones and Stones

Last year I called it wrong when I wrote that I believed the "elite" wanted Scottish independence simply so they could perform a "magickal" alchemical ritual in terms of a global United Kingdom being spawned from Scotland, just like the original one was way back, by Bible reviser and Stuart King, James 6th and 1st. 

Freemasonry, like the U.K., appears to have it's recent roots embedded up here and while the noble purpose of a freemason is to perfect himself,  my understanding is that their collective endeavors are to create a "perfect" society - a Golden Age for humanity.

Today I spyed the front page of the Daily Record as above and perhaps I may not have been too far off the mark in my original thoughts. The United Kingdom's general election is in a couple of weeks and it appears that Scotland is going to be holding the balance of power. One can only imagine the ramifications of this happening, let's just say it won't go down too well with the English voters who are in the vast majority in terms of population.

The Stone of Destiny currently resides at Edinburgh Castle. It's ice cream van registration number is surely ominous, WMS 666 T. My thoughts are that Prince William will be crowned on it in Scotland as his first base, so to speak.
Baking, whether it be scones or cakes, in essence is alchemy - as long as one is utilising base ingredients and not a packet mix. In alchemical magick, if something has worked before under a certain set of circumstances, and these same circumstances are followed exactly (the ritual), then the magick will work again; the "gold" will manifest.

I go on a lot about number "magick" here, thus it's worth pointing out again that James "Joker" Holmes' Denver  massacre/blood sacrifice? transpired the same day as the Olympic torch was  abseiled into the Tower of London by Royal Marine, Martin Williams at 20.12 BST, who handed the torch to Dame Kelly Holmes (no relation to James) on the rampants. Lord Coe, Chairman of the Games, noted that the tower was a fitting point for the flame to enter London because "it is where the power and the significance of the Monarch resides". (BBC News)

The Joker's court proceedings began yesterday, 27th April, exactly 1011 days since "his" Dark Knight rampage. Some believe the Joker to be mind controlled. If that is the case then it would indicate that the choice of date, venue etc. was pre-ordained and working to a script - for whatever reason.

Prince William at the Warner Bros studio on 26th April 2013. One wonders if the date was significant.


Stone of Destiny


Anonymous said...

27th April (2+7+4 = 13)

Newspaceman said...
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Newspaceman said...

3 cubed , 2 squared.

It was the Century 16 cinema. James began his United Kingdom formation in the 16th century. 16 is 4 squared, another masonic "symbol" like most of the big companies.

Note the "two years and a day" since Wills' visit to Warners. I have written in my last post re a year and a day and it's "magick".

Holmes' car reg was 119 ROC.


Mike said...

Would you be able to recommend any further reading on the subject of "alchemical magick"?

Just curious and having read fair bit of Jung, who mentions alchemy a lot, I would like to know more.


Newspaceman said...

Hiya Mike, try

The Elixir and the Stone: The Tradition of Magic and Alchemy

Covers much including "modern" music and advertising.


p.s. with today being 1.5.15, I wonder if we will see a royal baby ISIS.

... said...

It's already turning into a VERY interesting week! ;-)

Newspaceman said...

It's very demanding so far Marie, the rain just keeps coming and the boy's off school, holidays and for the election. My fingers are bleeding with the lego building.