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Sunday 8 February 2015

Pythagoras and Glasgow Rangers; the Clutha and 11 11.

The above image is of South African businessman, Dave King, and two of his "three bears" mates, as they hold a press conference discussing the forthcoming Glasgow Rangers football club's extraordinary general meeting where Dave is going to attempt to oust the current board. The club's last AGM was held in Glasgow on 22/12,  the date of the refuse truck incident, 1221 days after the filming of a similar incident for the movie World War Z. (Mirrors)

I most recently noted the background to the seedy, sacrificial, affair in my post Fairy Tales.

Note the symbology up top, the numeral five being constructed out of an L (right angled) shape. The date of the E.G.M. is fourth of March. Thus 3,4,5, as in Pythagoras' triangle, the proof of the right angle, the 47th Problem of Euclid. Notwithstanding, freemasons dig their levels.

From The Masonic Trowel, re masonry's association with Pythagoras :

Although there may be no direct link between Pythagoras and Freemasonry, the teachings of Pythagoras have greatly influenced its structure and its teachings...

Aside from the connection between the teaching of Pythagoras and speculative Masonry, there may be a connection between the structure of Pythagorean schools and Masonic Lodges. According to Mackey, 

"The schools established by Pythagoras at Crotona and other cities, have been considered by many writers as the models after which Masonic Lodges were subsequently constructed. They undoubtedly served the Christian ascetics of the first century as a pattern for their monastic institutions, with which institutions the Freemasonry of the Middle Ages, in its operative character, was intimately connected.

Note Mackey refers to Albert Mackey.

From James Shelby Downard's KK/33, re the murder of JFK on 22/11 :

"Like the disgraceful treatment of the autopsy of President Kennedy, Oswald's is similarly weird. Oswald was literally butchered in the "postmortem examination." Pieces were actually cut out of his body. The major incision in his torso resembled a huge "Y" which ran from the area of his groin to the solar plexus region. From there incisions were made to the right and left armpits. The so-called "two horns of the letter Y" supposedly symbolize the paths of virtue and vice: the right branch leading to the former and the left to the latter. The letter is sometimes referred to as the "Litera Pythagorae" (The Letter of Pythagoras): "Litera Pythagorae, discrimine secta bicorni, Humanae vitae speciem praeferre videtur" (The Letter of Pythagoras parted by its two branched division appears to exhibit the image of human life).

In the 47th Problem of Euclid lies a secret of the 3rd Degree of Masonry. Pythagoras is called by Freemasons "our ancient friend and brother." One of Pythagoras' main doctrines was the system of "Metempsychosis" which pertains to the passing of a human soul into the body of an animal."

I'll move on to the Clutha, the incident where the police helicopter crashed through the pub roof on 29/11/13, at 22.22, causing carnage a year and a day (important in magickal circles) after Marilyn Manson ( a great fan of James Shelby Downard) performed very close by; his last track Antichrist Superstar. (Marilyn Manson, Magick, Jodi Jones and the Clutha).

Today's "Daily Record" reports on how Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, is getting frustrated as to the length of time the enquiry into the cause of the "accident" is taking to conclude. So much so that she has written to British Prime Minister, David Cameron, to ask him to "intervene to speed up the enquiry".

In her letter, she specifically prior communication from the Solicitor General of Scotland :

The Solicitor General for Scotland found it necessary to write to the Secretary of State for Transport on November 11, 2014 to express her concern at the dearth of information flow and lack of respect for and understanding of the obligations of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service and the police in relation to this investigation, and in particular in relation to the bereaved families.


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