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Monday 4 August 2014

Short and Sweet

Lulu shows her crudentials

Today is the 216th day of the year. I noted the number in my recent post regarding Peaches Geldof and the occult (Legally minded).

 Last night saw the closing ceremony of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, a ceremony which despite Lulu and a hitherto  "unknown" Scottish band, Prides, playing their track, Messiah, appeared to be dominated by Kylie Minogue, judging by the MSM reports. Kylie was of course intimate with  Michael Hutchence, who was found dead on a 22/11, something which I again mentioned in the linked post, given the regular occurrence of the numbers 11 and 22 in occult circles and indeed Peaches' mother Paula. I think Kylie was there in respect of the handover to Australia's Gold Coast (nothing to do with alchemy).

The  ritual ceremony ended with a mass rendition of freemason Robert Burns', Auld Lang Syne. (Auld Acquaintances)

I don't normally utilise numbers with letters, but L is the 12th and U is the 21st of the alphabet. Hence LULU = 1221, 1221.

Today we saw a remembrance service held in Glasgow in respect of the 1st World War. Prince Charles laid the first wreath, at 12.21BBC News live


1 comment:

hirundine said...

Lulu?? You've gotta' be kidding?

No, not you newspaceman. In 1960's she was passe for bad. Yeah she could "shout" okay, but that was about it. I seem to remember she parlayed that small success into a short-lived BBC show?

So, in the meanwhile Scotland has not produced a single talent capable of closing those games? Games that rip-off the taxpayer. Hmmm, Lulu? Perhaps that's apt then?