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Wednesday 9 April 2014

From Peaches to Pennsylvania

Dead Di, Charles, and Bob @ Live Aid

Just continuing in the same vein; 1122, JFK, Peaches Geldof, Crowley et al.

According to yesterday's mail on line - How Peaches Geldolf was obsessed with the occult - her father Bob's new girlfriend claimed that neither she nor Bob knew anything about the OTO "cult", and would have thought it was a fad that would pass if it was not for Peaches' tattoo.

Peaches' bookshelves, groaning with the weight of Crowley
Here at newspaceman we have our reservations about Bob's knowledge of the Order.

Back on 13th July 1985, Saint Bob organised the twin Live Aid concerts, one at Wembley, the other at the JFK stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From Led Zeppelin, Portraits Introduction :

Late in the spring of 1985 came some surprising news: in a musical year full of dream pairings and matchups inspired by charity, musician/organizer Bob Geldof had secured one of his biggest coups. Plant, Page, and Jones would perform again at July’s Live Aid concert in Philadelphia accompanied by bassist Paul Martinez and drummers Phil Collins and Tony Thompson

As is well documented, elsewhere and previously here, Jimmy Page was great admirer of Aleister Crowley, so much so that he purchased "Crowley's"  Boleskin House on the banks of Loch Ness in Scotland. Crowley considered Boleskin to be the Thelemic Kiblah and the focal point of the "magickal energies of the Aeon of Horus". (wiki)

Note Bowie, - see The Starman and Scottish Independence

Occultist and great friend of "royalty", John Dee, is the founder of Enochian magic which, to all intents and purposes, is the medium of conversing with alleged "spirits and angels" :

The Enochian system of magic as practiced today is primarily the product of researches and workings by four men: John Dee, Edward Kelley, Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers and Aleister Crowley

Occultist, John Dee, was born on the same date as Bob's Live Aid - 13th July - albeit 458 years earlier in 1527.

In 1904, Aleister Crowley visited Egypt. It was within the Great Pyramid that, utilising Dee's Enochian magick, he composed his Book of the Law, with help from his wife Rose and an entity/spirit/voice named Aiwass. It was on Peaches death day - 7th April - that "Rose gave Crowley his instructions—for three days he was to enter the "temple" and write down what he heard between noon and 1:00 p.m". Crowley thus "wrote" his book on 8th, 9th, and 10th April. The police were called to Peaches property at 1.35pm. Today, it is reported that the autopsy is "inconclusive".

We noted Bob Geldof's views on "the law" in our last post.

Peaches' tattoo
Today, 9th April, is the anniversary of the midpoint of Crowley's writings. Today saw a mass (22) stabbing in Franklin Regional High School, Pittsburgh, Pennysylvania. A Disney Dreamworks movie, I Am Number Four, was filmed at the school in 2010. It was based on a book with the same name. The sequel to the book was called The Power of Six.

Princess Diana died in somewhat mysterious circumstances on 31st August 1997. Tomorrow, 10th April, not including end day, is 6066 days since her demise. Today, including end day, is the same.


see also - Twilight Language

Note - due to lack of time I cannot write about Disney and it's alleged connection to mind-control programs and suchlike.

Note too that John Dee advised Queen Mary on her coronation date, utilsing Hermeticism and suchlike, the date chosen being 1st October 1553.  Note that April Jones was snatched from outside her home on the same date in 2012, a Mark Bridger later convicted of her murder. Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page have strong connections with the area. See A bridge too far and links within to Loch Ness. 


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Today is the anniversary of the crushing to death 96 people at a football match and televising it.

Here's the Sun's headlines , then and now.


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Both Hillsborough and the Boston 'Bombing' happened on an April 15th,
Fenway Sports Group own both Liverpool FC and Boston Red Sox.