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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Bridge Building

DiCaprio signals his allegiances ?
 There's a pair of most interesting stories in the news today, regarding "men only clubs", and their eventual eradication as we move to an allegedly equal society.

The first concerns golf, and it's "spiritual" home of St. Andrews. The "extremely powerful" Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews has written to it's 2500 members - including Sean Connery - to "ask members of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club to welcome female members into the club". Apparently, the members are being told they should accept the change as inevitable. (mail on line)

The second concerns a secretive men only Scottish Enlightenment society which meets in rooms within the Old College of Edinburgh University. Named the Speculative Society and formed in 1764, it's membership has included figures such as Robert Louis Stevenson and the "inventor" of tartan, Walter Scott. According to today's Edinburgh Evening News, Stacy Devine of the National Union of Students is hoping that Edinburgh University management investigate the "society" and sever any links to it, if there is any sign of "discrimination". 

St. Andrews
Back in 2003, a chap called Robbie the Pict, godfather of Leonardo DiCaprio, brought up the Speculative Society during a court case over the Skye Road Bridge tolls. He claimed it was intimate with Freemasonry and questioned the three judges as to whether they were members of the craft, a question they declined to answer ((BBC News) :

The petitioner will argue that it is not unreasonable to suggest that membership of a closed order with unknown preferences is a potential threat to the impartiality of a publicly salaried judge," he told the court. 

He said that this applied "in particular when brother judges and other parties subject to judgement are members of the same sodality". 

Robbie said that Sir Iain Noble, chairman of the Skye Bridge Company, and Sir Angus Grossart, financial adviser to bridge builders the Miller Group, were among the current members of Spec.

He also referred to 21 court cases which he said had been presided over by judges who were Spec members.

"It is important to stress that no conspiracy is suggested by the petitioner," he said. 

"However, the well, or even not so well informed observer, were he appraised of the above, could reasonably perceive the possibility. 

"The well-informed amateur of justice is appalled to contemplate the possibility of corruption arising from... Spec presences."

Robbie lost this particular case, however not long after, tolls were abolished. The link is well worth a look at, and please bear in mind that what you won't read is that Robbie was convicted of amphetamine "dealing/production" prior to all this and sentenced to 8 years imprisonment. Allegedly he wrote to the local MP, who at the time was Malcom Rifkind, and also to Prince Charles, debating the legality of "English/UK" law in Scotland and thus his conviction. Allegedly, he was soon released. Also from the link, it is interesting to note that Robbie again questioned the legality of the pertaining law in his Skye Bridge proceedings but :

The petitioner submitted that the Act of Union was never implemented and that no lawful constitutional union existed between the Kingdoms of Scotland and England. His conclusion was that the judicial oath sworn by each of us was an oath only to the Queen of England and Wales and not to the sovereign people of Scotland. [11] The petitioner gave no notice of this submission. For that reason alone we cannot entertain it. In any event, we could not consider a point of such significance on the exiguous arguments advanced by the petitioner."

Make of that what you will; one would perhaps thought that "well informed amateur of Justice", Robbie, would have contemplated the notion that his submissions required notice, de facto.

From Aangirfan :

1. A top Scottish Freemason, Former Grand Master Lord Burton, has said that Lord Cullen's inquiry into the Dunblane massacre was a cover-up.

Lord Burton says Cullen's inquiry suppressed crucial information to protect high-profile legal figures.

2. These high-profile legal figures may belong to a secretive 'Super-Mason' group called The Speculative Society.

Lord Burton said: "I have learned of an apparent connection between prominent members of the legal establishment involved in the inquiry, and the secretive Speculative Society. 

"The society was formed in Edinburgh University through Masonic connections so I accept that there might be a link by that route."

Reportedly, members of the Speculative Society have included Lord Cullen and a number of other judges, sheriffs and advocates. 

Anyhow, to close, my own thoughts are that as this New World Order is nearly completed, and "everyone" is equal, then there will be no more need for the bulk of the shady underhand dealings that have gone on prior through history, nor indeed for the men only clubs. For we will "all" be equal; equally marked worker slaves under a living Sun-God. 

Note - According to the Robbie the Pict court case linked above, Professor Robert Black is a member of the Speculative Society. Both Professor Black, who had a "commercial arrangement" with Megrahi,  and Robbie have a joint link to the aftermath of the Lockerbie bombing, notwithstanding Black's involvement in the eventual trial (here).

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