Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Thursday 23 January 2014

Hocus Pocus ?

First things first, I am not that clued up on the "Da Vinci code" or Rosslyn Chapel, nor do I really have too much interest, however I do believe that the Knight's Templar came to Scotland, that they  doubt possessed some form of secret arcane knowledge, and that they did spawn "freemasonry", which appears to form the backbone of our current global society. Thus the following has caught my imagination, especially given the Jungian concept of synchronicity:

Infamous occultist and mountaineer, Aleister Crowley, advocated the use of "a male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence" as the "most satisfactory and suitable victim" for his magick, which involved blood sacrifice and the containment of "energies". (here)

Aleister specifically purchased Boleskin House on the banks of Loch Ness to conjure up demons. He believed the locality to be the focal point of the "energies" of of the Aeon of Horus. In this way it is similar to Jerusalem in Judaism. "Modern" occultists still utilise Boleskin as their reference point, their "Kiblah". here

Something Crowley probably never encountered was floral shrines which now pop-up with regularity whenever a child is "taken", or a celebrity dies. We saw this first, on an enormous scale, with Princess Diana. We saw it just last week, in West Pilton, Edinburgh.

Princess Diana with Jimmy Savile - some say Diana was ritually murdered
Many people believe in ley-lines, alleged invisible "energy lines" which cross the Earth. Dowsers believe they can locate them. At one time I was employed working in the grounds of a mansion house. It was a 16th century building. The dining table allegedly sat below the intersection of two such lines, indeed the whole property and grounds were, and continued to be, aligned in a "ley-line" manner, including when the multi-millionaire owners carried out extensions and renovations.

Rudolph Steiner believed that quartz was instrumental in terms of energy "storing". Steiner seeded the way for what is known as "biodynamic agriculture". Prince Charles is a great advocate of biodynamics which, to all intents and purposes, seems to be a form of "magic".
Nazi-druidology @ ley-lined Stonehenge, note symbols
Some people believe that if an act of evil is carried out, evil energy lingers in the area; which might explain Jimmy Savile's preoccupation with Glencoe, given the massacre. For example, I have a non fiction fishing book, The Sporting Gentleman's Gentleman, by Bruce Sandison. The author recounts a tale of visiting a lonely moor with his wife Ann, a moor in which heinous atrocities were carried out many moons ago against the Gregor Clan : "The sun shone brightly as we climbed through the trees and out on to the hill. It was a steep, tiring climb, and after an hour or so we stopped for a rest above a small corrie. Carefully making our down to the valley floor, we started to cross. Ann was behind me, but half-way across I was startled to see her running at full speed. As she went she callled to me: "Quick, quick, run, get out of here". She was ashen faced and obviously in distress, so I ran after her, calling her to stop to tell me what was wrong. "Something terrible has happened here" she gasped. "Women and children in danger. Get out, quick".She ran on and took the cliff at the far side like a mountain goat. All Ann could tell me, later, was that she suddenly sensed great danger, and that women and children were crying and in fear."

Savile and PC - Note twin "redcoats" in background, more symbols ?

In the semi-fictional book by Dan Brown, a "roseline" is alleged to run from Rennes-Le-Chateau in France to Roslin Chapel in Scotland. Some people in Scotland believe that the "roseline" runs further North than Roslin. The (Scottish) website, Roslin Roseline Da Vinci, traces it from Gretna on the English border through Robert the Bruce's Cave, Langholm, the Buddhist Kagyu Samye Ling, Eskdalemuir Observatory, Peebleshire, Innnerleithen, Cardrona, Peebles, Roslin, St Katherine's Well, St. Anthony's Chapel, St. Margaret's Loch at Royal Holyrood, Edinburgh, over the Forth to Kinghorn and  Kirkcaldy.

In respect of the latter, the website notes how "Ravenscraig Castle, in the heart of Kirkcaldy has a strong affiliation with the Sinclair Clan of Rosslyn. The town takes pride in the fact by naming a great number of streets after Rosslyn Chapel and the Sinclair Barons with a district in Kirkcaldy aptly named Sinclairtown.......In 1469 the Sinclairs of Rosslyn acquired Ravenscraig Castle from King James III, recently married to Princess Margaret of Denmark, in exchange for the Earldom and all lands associated with Orkney. On the face of it a bit of a bum deal! William St Clair, the architect and head designer of Rosslyn Chapel, realised his masterpiece was in great danger of being abandoned because of a lack of funds. His small army of skilled Master Masons were becoming increasingly disenchanted and were entertaining the notion of dropping their tools and moving on, if no remuneration was forthcoming.King James was consulted of the crisis and offered his act of devotion to the Chapel at Rosslyn by the exchange of the building site at Ravenscraig, in return for a major part of the crown jewels in the Sinclair family's possession, the Orkney Islands. Shortly afterwards building work was resumed at both sites and finished under the Sinclairs."

Mikaeel's "shrine" - Many children focused (pocused)
As noted above, last week we saw a floral shrine assembled in Edinburgh's West Pilton, reason being that a 3 year old child, Mikaeel Kular, a twin,  had reportedly dressed himself and left home overnight. Almost immediately media channels carried "live updates", with search parties and helicopters in abundance.

The date he was reported missing was Thurday, January 16th. The occultists favourite, the full moon, was the 16th. According to legends surrounding Rennes-Le-Chateau, the 17th of January is a highly significant date. According to the same source, 22nd July is also a highly significant date.

"Knights Templar" MK Breivik chose 22/7

Alleged Boston Bomber MK Tsarnaev, allegedly born 22/7

Locals were encouraged to help in the search, and a mountain rescue team brought from the borders to assist, which seemed a bit curious given the fairly flat terrain of West Pilton.  No doubt some of them traversed the Rosetta Road in aforementioned Peebles which leads to Edinburgh. It's named after the Rosetta Stone. The search was fruitless, shortly before midnight on Friday January 17th the police announced that a body had been found in Kirkcaldy.

On Monday 20th Mikaeel's mother, Rosdeep - AKA Rosie, aged 33, appeared in court charged with his murder. Note that the number 33 appears to be most important to the "elite" and the the intials MK, often refer to MKUltra, a mind control program. 

On Monday 20th, the spacecraft Rosetta, again named after the Rosetta stone, awoke. BBC News

As Rosdeep was brought to court, a van displaying an owl-logo could be seen. Some suggest that the owl is a symbol utilised by the "illluminati", an alleged shady elite who nefariously guide mankind's future.

East Mains Industrial Estate - as per cab logo - is accessed by Drover's Road. A drover is a herder.

One wonders whether if dark energies are released via evil doings, they then can feast and grow on subsequent negative energies which surround them.

Tomorrow night sees a twin vigil for Mikaeel, in West Pilton, and over the water in Kirkcaldy.




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