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Friday 30 November 2012

Using one's loaf

Today in Scotland is top Christian, St. Andrew's Day; the above stained glass image of him comes from a church in Innerwick. From the Glen Lyon History Society, we note of how it was donated by the Wills family and of how, in 1681, Robert Campbell of  Glenlyon was granted Royal assent to hold a bi-annual fair in the glen in Innerwick.

A place called Fortingall also sits in Glen Lyon (once a hotbed of Druidism), and is home to what is alleged to be the oldest yew tree in Europe. "Local legend" claims that Pontius Pilate was born in it's shade.

The police operation into Jimmy Savile's dark practices is code-named operation Yew Tree.

11 years after Robert Campbell received Royal assent for his fairs, he led the Campbells against the MacDonalds in the infamous Glencoe massacre, on the orders of William (of Orange) and his (important) Stuart wife, Mary. 

Jimmy Savile had a cottage at Glencoe.

The 1320 Declaration of Arbroath (Scottish Independence - and the base for America's declaration) cites St. Andrew as instrumental in Scotland's conversion to Christianity. Note that the declaration was allegedly composed by Bernard of Kilwinning - Kilwinning being home of (freemasonic) Mother Lodge 0 and that, in 1951, the Stone of Destiny was left at Arbroath Abbey after repatriation from Westminster the previous Christmas Day. 

Today saw the Duchess of Cambridge visit her old school, St Andrew's in Pangbourne "for the first time in many years". (BBC news). Kate met Prince William at St. Andrew's University in Scotland, where they both studied.

Today, the Saltire (St. Andrew's Cross) will fly at 10 Downing Street from sunrise. Prime Minister, David Cameron, noted that:

"Scots have helped bring peace and security to nations, made some of the world's greatest inventions and been at the forefront of international trade in every continent. Scots and Scotland have done so much to shape our modern world. So, this is a day for everyone to celebrate our shared history and look forward to our future prosperity together."

Alex Salmond, Scottish First Minister, noted that:

"However, perhaps - actually certainly - our greatest invention of all, the one that made all of the others possible, was the invention of universal free education."

Some would allege that there is more to the St. Andrew's stained glass window than meets the eye, and that in fact it is Hermetic. They would suggest that the reason he carries the fishes is because Christianity was the "new" religion for the astrological Age of Pisces, an age very soon to be replaced by the Age of Aquarius. (see Mayan calendar).

Whilst, given the current location of the Stone of Destiny (Edinburgh Castle with it's franchised ice-cream van registration WMS 666 T), it looks to me like Scotland will again be at the forefront of matters.


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Fin said...

Jimmy Savile did NOT have a cottage in Glenlyon.

Robert Campbell did NOT lead "Campbells" against the McDonalds of Glencoe. He led a government regiment in which there might have been one Campbell.

Genlyon was NEVER a "hotbed of Druidism".

Newspaceman said...

I didn't say Savile had a cottage at Glenlyon, please read again.

Given Campbell led a "government regiment", then there MUST have been one Campbell.

Latter point - how exactly do you know ?