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Sunday 9 September 2012

London Calling

It appears that not just one MK-ultra victim is in London at the moment, as we note the inimitable presence of Lady Gaga in the English capital. She is performing a pair of gigs, and last night entertained her audience with a "very special performance" of her  new song, Princess D.I.E.

Gaga declared that, "I predict controversy, but I don't care. Princess Diana was the most important person for me growing up - let's take a moment to appreciate her presence and what she means", although she did not appear to expand on what she does actually mean. 

She went on to perform a cover of John Lennon's, Imagine, a song which was prominent at the Olympic opening ceremony.

From my must read 2011 post, segmental : "Also yesterday, Lady Gaga appeared at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend. It was held in Carlisle. She arrived on stage via a coffin, and wore a black PVC prosthetic pregnant stomach. She dedicated the jazz track, Orange Coloured Sky, to Kate and William. Her show ended with a song called Judas."


Top image - Gaga in ram's horn outfit, from last night, note Union flag like design to her right breast; bottom image, outfit  from today.

Story from mail on line .



Ah ha! What you write here provides a clue to my last post and I will go now and post my idea that you gave given me, unawares!

Thanks B!

... said...

This is meant with no disrespect to anyone but, is the freak show over with now? ;-) Today I read on an 'esoteric' site that people are 'moving away from believing that the world will end on 21st Dec. 2012'... I laughed!


P.S. as another weird sync - Sean Connery was all over my Cypriot TV this w/e - in no less than FOUR movies - Entrapment, The Rock, The Untouchables, and 007 You Only Live Twice!

Newspaceman said...

Thanks Jeff, see my next post, inspired partly by yours.

Cheers too Marie, I would have laughed as well, and yeah, it is a freak show to a certain extent.